waterproof picc line covers

Hi. Im having a picc line put in next Monday. Ive been told I need to buy a waterproof cover. Anyone know the cheapest place to get one.  Ive been looking on ebay, amazon, boots but am horrified at the prices.

Thanks in advance.  

Hello, they’ll give you a prescription for a Limbo. Have you had your form for free prescriptions yet? The chemist had to order mine in so maybe talk to your surgery about getting it prescribed now. Xx

Hi gocat,

maybe different in different areas, but I was given a waterproof cover when Piic line was fitted. Have seen similar ones in Boots,don’t think they were very expensive. It’s very effective but helps if someone can help squeeze the air out to make a seal. Have also heard some people use cling film and tape- nurse said that was just as good.

Thanks for starting this thread - I’ve been looking online for a pattern to make a waterproof one, then saw the idea about getting one prescribed.  I’ll be making a doctor’s appt I think.  Thanks folks.

Hi I found some on wish but it takes a while to come as I have just had my pic line in yesterday and I have been looking my self did u find any others please let me no thank u x