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Hello everyone

I am the Nurse Specialist for Secondary Breast Cancer here at BCC.

I wondered if I might pop in to ask a question.  We are writing an article about benefits and finances for our next Vita magazine.  I wondered if any of you have claimed and feel it has had a positive impact/helped in your daily life? When we do the articles I always feel its more personable if there is a quote from someone who has/is experiencing the same as the reader.  Would anyone be able to give me a quote to help? 

Hi Lizzie
I only joined this forum today but if I can help in any way please feel free to ask. I don’t fully understand what you are asking but I am on PIP and ESA if that helps?

Hi my husband had redundancy.and I wasn’t working.a couple years later I was diagnosed secondary breast cancer.by then his redundancy money was gone.i went to cab.as couldn’t get much help from d.h.s.s…i then got e.s.a. And disability benefit.free cartax and blue badge.this has enabled us to survive…

It was suggested I applied for PIP as its not means tested and they give special allowance if you are terminally ill. 

I havent been granted it but I think that is the first port of call for allowances etc.


I have MS and applied for motability when I could no longer walk very far and I was awarded the full rate indefinitely.I was refused Disability Living Allowance because I could do most things for myself.


When I found myself with secondary cancer everyone was saying I should apply for P.I.P it took me 2 years to apply. That was June 2015 I then recieved a letter from ATOS Healthcare informing me that I would have to be seen by an assessor.August I had a letter to say someone would be coming to see me in September.

When she came she was quite nice she was an x-nurse. I answered the questions as honest as I could as it was I was feeling quite well at that time not as bad as I had previously.


October I was awarded my full motabilty until 2018 and Personal Independence Allowance at standard rate from November payable in December.I will be reassessed in October 2016


I felt guilty very claiming 



Hi I didn’t feel guilty claiming as I was very ill.and have worked all my life since I was 15.the only thing that stopped me working is my illness.my Dr filled out the ds1500…sharon.x

Hi everyone thanks so much for your responses, I really appreciate it.  I was wondering if any of you could tell me if, and how much, being able to claim benefits has made a difference to your daily life living with secondary breast cancer? For example, has it relieved any worry, or helped you continue to do things you need or enjoy doing? 



CNS Secondary Breast Cancer BCC

Hi the money helps towards heating and electricity.especially in the winter…also as I’m very limited on activities…the odd lunch out.even more grateful as not old enough to claim state pension …

Hello Cathrine

I am able to now afford to buy extra equipments to enable me to get around better creams and treatments to help with side effects and most of all therapies to help with self esteem.

I hope this helps

Hi, i used to come here when i first got breast cancer in 2007, just over two years ago i developed lung nodules, and last week found out that a recent scan has shown up marks on my left hip, so, its into the bones now.

So a big hello from me, and i look forward to joining in the threads.

Hi emptypaces

Welcome to our forum. You have entered the wrong thread you need to be in the Bone mets-please join in. You will find lots of ladies to give you support in this thread. Look forward to seeing you there.xxx

Hi Lizzie

I have secondary and receive Attendance Allowance.  This is very helpful and it allows me to pay someone to clean for me and I dont have to worry about parking charges for hospital visits.  I can also get a taxi when needed. 

 Hi All,


 I have been debating all week if 

 I should finish work, its early days for me with secondary in hips,  ribs axilla  effecting use of arm, and unknown in one lung.  I finished work after mast 6 years ago and took my pension then, retruning to work  for 3 days,  i have been  on sick leave fro 3 weeks after  radiotherapy. cannot see how i could get back to normal for work, hope I do as I am 6 years away from state penshion.  


Thank you for this thread  It is very informative.  


keep well all .




I have pip now and although I’m retired the extra money does help with extras needed when undergoing treatment and hospital visits etc.
I’m able to have a chiropdist to the house now and always buying extra lotions and potions to help my well-being.
So …don’t be afraid to claim it if you are dx with Mets.

Hi, I’ve just been awarded Pip too. I’ll probably use it towards getting a cleaner as my house is a mess and gets me down. So to have this is a big relief. 

I get pips was only diagnosed in May waiting still to hear of the esa and yes it is s big help especially as I can’t work now and it’s s relief to know there is some kind Cuming in

I was diagnosed with secondary bone mets in May and was awarded the higher rate of pip. This enabled me to get a motability car plus blue badge and I’ve also applied for a bus pass. This will help enormously and I’m very grateful to get this help albeit I wish I wasn’t in the position to get it!!

Hi all,
It seems like everyone gets PIP except me. I have liver and bone mets. I still work and can do most of the duties I did before except heavy lifting.I seem to be responding well to my present treatment. My pain is largely under control thanks to medication. I ’ m not able to go to the gym but I can walk unaided although not quite as far as I used to…If I over do things I do feel a bit achy after.As far as I know, I am expected to live more than 6 months. I haven’t applied for PIP because I assumed I wouldn’t get it.
Am I too ‘well’ to get PIP or should I apply anyway?
Best wishes xxx

Hi Waffles, I’m no expert but I think that everyone with a secondary diagnosis can claim PIP. Like you, I heard about it on this forum but didn’t think I would qualify so left it for a few years. Just recently I started on a clinical trial where there was a nurse practitioner. She told me that life has dealt us an unlucky card and we were entitled to these payments.

I thought about it and, with the rationale that I won’t be claiming state retirement in the future, decided to go for it. It makes a difference! I was lucky because my hospital has a welfare officer that made the claim for me but I think a GP can do it? Someone more knowledgeable might add to this. Good luck!


At the moment I’m using mine to cover the upfront costs of the clinical trial as petrol and parking costs are high. I do get these reimbursed a month later. We also have little treats like a meal out. My darling hubby has been supporting me for 21 years with my cancer roller coaster, he deserves a little spoiling!!

Thanks for your advice ladies,
I think I’ll give it a go. I do work, but my hours have been reduced due to cut backs. It would be nice to not have to worry about money.
Best wishes xxx