Weak and Painful Arms and hands

HI all,
I had removal of cancer and lymph nodes followed by Chemo and Rads to Left breast I also had a Thrombosis in right jugular poss due to the hickman line.

I am now 10 months on and have started getting stabbing pains in the breast but not where my scar is its more at the top front the scar is at the side.Is this normal ?

Both my arms and hands are weak and ache I can hardly lift a pan of water Is there any limit to lifting ? or is thie normal ?

I am on Arimidex and Statins

Thanks for any advice


Jackie, I have noticed that my right arm where I have lymphoedema is weak at times and can give way - I just dropped the kettle the other day. I don’t notice any weakness in the other one though.


Hi Maggie,
I have the weakness more in the LT arm but have no lymphoedema the only time I notice swelling is in my fingers of both hands each morning but it goes down as the day goes on.

I wonder if I am lifting or doing too much but I would have thought I should be back to normal by now !!