Weak legs

Hi was just wondering if anyone else had this I’m having caboplatain /taxol num 4 next wk y day I went into garden and my leg gave way and I fell over I know my feet and fingers are tingly and playing up but never had my legs weak only in first few days this is day 15 so was bit of a shock it’s like they are heavy and my feet or legs can’t surport my weight maybe I’m over reacting any one else had this thanks laura

Laura, so sorry to hear you fell, I hope you’re OK. I certainly felt weakness in all my limbs and that side effect together with the tingly used to be one of the last side effects I would get, so yes, I don’t think it’s strange. It is a horrible feeling because it makes us feel a bit weak and takes away our confidence, doesn’t it ? I hope it will go away soon.

Hi Laura, I am not on the same treatment as you but I have problems with a leg that gives way. I have had 2 MRI scans in the last 6 months and nothing is showing up which is great. However it is a worry when it happens unexpectedly. BUT I think it is important that you discuss this problem with someone at your hospital just to have it checked out. It may be nothing but my Oncologist told me that any problems like that should be reported just in case there is something going on. A quick physical check up with the experts would be advisable. It could also be that your medication/treatment may need a small adjustment. Keep us posted on here and let us know how you are doing. Val

Hi Laura
I would like to emphasise what Val has said!
I don’t want to scare you but I have a weak right leg that gave way on me and resulted in some nasty falls. Bone scana. Spinal CT and MRIs showed nothing at Christmas and again in March. However a month ago it spread to my left leg and I had some numbness in my bottom. It turned out to be very serious and needed immediate rads to spine.
Fotunately things have stabalised however the docs say I will probably not regain what I have lost.
Laura it is probably not the same - I have extensive seconday tumours, but please get it checked.
Let me know how you get on and PM me if you want tochat or more info.
All the best

Laura64, How is your leg problem now? I had CT Scans done recently and I am going for the results tomorrow to see if anything shows up. Just wondered how you were doing. Val

Hi val my onc thinks it’s just se chemo as my feet and hands are bad at moe she sd I may have just lost my footing my legs seem bit weak like now 10 days after chemo I’m guessing it’s cause I don’t use them much in chemo wk I’m having ct scan thurs but that to see how chemo going hope y scan is ok let us know tc Laura