Week 2 exercises

Hello everybody!! Hope everyone is doing well! So i recently had a left side mastectomy and immediate DIEP reconstruction as well as full lymph node removal on the left side.
I have a question, so… I’m on week 2 exercises and i know that the stretching can be uncomfortable but i feel the pain in my elbow?? Like it goes down the top of the inside of my arm and to my elbow.
Has anyone else had this??
Its getting easier to lift the arm higher but i can’t fathom why the pain is in my elbow and not my armpit :joy: im so confused!!
Its like a pulling sensation. Week 1 of the exercises was easy peasy compared to week 2 haha.

Sounds like " cording "… google it

Yes, sounds like cording. I managed to keep it at bay since my mx last September. But starting rads a couple of weeks seems to have triggered it. Physio is booked.

It does sound like cording, ask your BCN to get you booked in with physio.

Hi sounds like cording might need physio when I had pain it wasn’t cording was just nerve endings , when you have had lymph nodes clearance you do feel lots of strange pains found it worse than the mastectomy :crossed_fingers:you will improve speak to your BCN they will give you advice X

Definitely sounds like cording and can be very painful. I had exactly same op as you and my physio sorted it out. It didn’t last too long once exercises started x

Thank you everyone!! I thought it could be but i wasnt sure! Will call my physio tomorrow :heart::heart::heart:

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Hi @zaran,

Hopefully you have been able to speak to your physio or breast cancer nurse in order to get yourself some relief and to the bottom of what is causing your discomfort!

Just a reminder that when ‘Googling’ symptoms, it’s usually always better to speak to a professional and to only use trusted sources such as our website, or Macmillan or Cancer Research UK’s website or similar. You can also always speak to our nurses on the Ask our Nurses your questions - Breast Cancer Now forum section or call them on 0808 800 6000.

You can find information on ‘cording’ on our website here: Mondor’s disease | Breast Cancer Now

Once again I hope you managed to get sorted and on your way to an answer and solution!

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Thank you! Yes I spoke to my BCN and physiotherapist today. I have an appointment Wednesday to sort it out. The physiotherapist also said this very much sounds like cording so I havent read anything else on it, will deal with it with the professionals on Wednesday. Thank you for checking in :heart::heart::heart:

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