Week one all done!

Hi everyone,
I’m Claire:) I started EC chemo on 28th September so today is my one week anniversary! Yay! I feel so much better today, I’ve been able to do a bit of work, go for walks, cook lunch and go round the shops with my teenage daughters after school! It’s been such a weird week, having different symptoms and side effects every day! From nausea and great thirst, to sore throat, dizziness, constipation and cold hands, stiff joints, numb face and tiredness, sore skin and headaches! Each day has been different but as many of you said earlier this week, it is manageable! When you are hungry you eat, when you feel tired you sleep, and when you feel like watching tv you can do that guilt free in the middle of the day! I’m off work til Christmas which is very odd having worked full time for the last 25 years but a great relief not too have all the stress of teaching on my plate as well. I hope you girls are all able to have a good sleep tonight - I found it very difficult to sleep at night around day 3-5. Lots of love to you all xxC

Glad you are doing well Claire. I started the day before you and i have experienced different side effects and highs and lows but i am coping too. I had FEC though so i think the F makes a difference. 10 days on i seem to have a day of being normal then a day of feeling shattered! It is easy to sit and do nothing on those days as i am a teacher so off work too. My chemo is not due to finish til the end of jan and then i will have a masectomy a month later. So i dont know when i will be back at work yet. Keep going Claire and come into the september or october (or both!) M9nthly chemo threads. You will find lots of sharing experiences, advice and support in their xxx

Well done for one week anniversary ClaireBell! Its stange amrhat we feel its an achievement and too right it is! I had cycle 2 on 27th Sept and that seemed even easier tban first, maybe because I knew what to expect! I cant wait for my daughter to come back next week from Uni so we can have a girly day but shes enjoying her course which makes me feel just as good.
We had similar SE too from EC. I did have a rash 1st but not 2nd and taste buds different too. Im just hoping there wont be too much of a difference when I change drugs to Doxataxel afyer next cycle and rhe Herceptin treats me well too! I went to work on 5th day of each cycle and did some work at home. I think we will get more fatigied as we go along but as you say, we sleep when we need to! It will do us good!
I hope it continues to be manageable for all of us ladies and all find ways of coping.xxx

You are doing really well and its good to see all your good positive feedback which will be gelping lots of others on here. Free from injections now until bext cycle:)xx

Thanks CK and thanks Ali. It’s great to chat with you on here. It is strange not being at work but I’m still doing some admin stuff from home. Someone pointed out to me that we are actually doing hard work at the moment! The hard work of coping with a cancer diagnosis, staying positive through treatment and looking after ourselves! So pat yourselves on the back for all the hard work you are doing:) hugs xx

Hi Claire. Looks like I started FEC at the same time as you! I too am now a week on and done my last injection this morning. I now look forward to a couple of ‘normal’ weeks till next session on 19th Oct. My main SE has been tiredness which sleeping does not cure. My brain says I can do things, my body says no chance! My nausea has been controlled by the dom perignon drugs. My skin has been greasier than normal. My mouth has been dry and taste buds have changed but all in all not a bad first ride on the chemo train.

Hope you’re feeling good today
Cassie x

Whytefawn, glad you are coping well and SE manageable. Now go and do what makes you feel good b4 next cycle.xxx

Too right Claire bell!!! We are wonderwomen!!!
Just coping and handling diagnosis is a challenge in itself and then having to take everything in and get through treatment whilst trying to deal everyday life! Not easy, but we do it!!!

People say to me ‘You are so so strong and positive!’ Erm, first of all you don’t see me when I’m having a wobble and a weepy day! And we have to learn how to be strong when its thrown at us and no I’m not gonna sit here feeling sorry for myself!xx

You are so right CK!Of course we have to put a brace face on - everyone does, to protect yourself as much as the others around you! Some people find the diagnosis really hard and often your strength comes from support from the people you least expect to be there for you! Well done Cassie on week one! By the way, what does the F stand for in FEC and what type if cancer do you all have? Have you had surgery first like me or will it come later? I have 4x EC then 4x Paclitaxel and Herceptin for a year. Then 4 weeks radiotherapy. I’m just curious:)love to you all xx

I have 6x FEC then 4 weeks of rads then Herceptin.
I’m HER2+ with no node involvement and had 22mm tumour removed on 11th August with clear margins. Had first session of FEC on Wednesday afternoon, feeling totally wiped today with a headache and intermittent nausea and a rapidly drying mouth. All manageable but no fun.

Take it easy Chaffinch - sleep, rest, drink loads of water, eat what you feel like and take it one day at a time. Try to do something you enjoy when you can and let people look after you when they can. Lots of love, it will soon pass and you’ll feel better. Hugs xx

Morning Claire bell
Im on 3xEC then 3XDoxataxol, 18 months Herceptin, another op to clear pre cancerous margins, then 15 days radiotherapy and 10 years hormone tablets. Phew!!!
Had 2nd cycle 27th Sept and next one 17th Oct then will chsnge to Doxe. Hope its manageable too!
Ive been to work 3/4 nights a week and resting in between.x

Hang in there, it will get easier! Lits of pineapple cubes, ginger drops, pear dros, nurray mints to suck on for the dry mouth.xx

Dom Perignon drugs sound good! I call my Epirubicin ‘Chareauneuf du Pape’ when its going in:D Do you have a toner for oily skin? Or blotting sheets? We are all so different, I have gone rezlly dry so lots of serum and dry skin cream! Good luck with next cycle.xx

Hope you are better today and can go home. Tjinking of you.xxx