Weekly paclitaxel

Anyone else had palitaxel weekly how did you manage? 

@mel1989   I have had weekly paclitaxol.  I started on three weekly docetaxol but did not manage that so well so my oncologist changed it to weekly paclitaxol.  I found paclitaxol much easier to tolerate.  However, we are all different and react differently to these drugs.  

Hi @mel1989 ,

I have just started weekly paclitaxel too.  I only started last Wed so have only had one treatment so far.  Have you started?

I found the first one manageable.  I felt really tired whilst there and after, but nurse said it was from the anti-histamines.  The next day I was a bit flushed. 

I did end up in hospital at the weekend as, even though I felt fine, my temperature went up to 80.4.  I was but on IV antibiotics and had to stay the night, but I am not sure this was related to chemo.  My bloods were all fine.  They think it could be a UTI but I am still awaiting confirmation.  Unfortunately, this has delayed my second treatment by a week.  The nurse has assured me that this will not impact on the effectiveness of the treatment. 

I feel I am sat here waiting for further side effects!  Fingers crossed we will sail through it. 

Good luck!