Weight and Tamoxifen

Just took my 2nd Tamoxifen this morning but I keep reading horror stories about weight gain. Can anyone give me positive feedback about this? I’ve lost 40 lbs (it took me a year) and I am so afraid it will creep back! Anyone out there NOT gain weight with it? Thanks so much!!

HI there, from my experience ( 3.5 years) that the first few months are not how it will be as your body gets used to the hormones and settles. I can honestly promise you that I was sort of podgy without any good reason to start with, and then it totally changed  - I can keep my wieght as I like it to be - and if I eat more and move less I put on weight and if I move more and eat less I loose it - same old same old.

Congrats on the weight loss by the way - super impressive!


cheers M

Thank you!! I accidentAlly posted twice, ( new to forum) but thanks for encouragement!! Best wishes!!

Hello, i’ve been on Tamoxifen for 18 months and haven’t put any weight on at all x


Love hearing positive weight stories!! Keep up good work and good luck :slight_smile: