weight gain and feeling chunky!!

Hi Guys,

Am on my ‘good’ days before next chemo treats on Thursday but feeling really fed up about my weight!! since diagnosis back in early May I have gained almost a stone!! admittedly the first 10lb were through eating out and making the most of my time pre chemo and assuming once chemo started I would lose my appetite and lose weight so I didn’t mind gaining a few pounds, had a trip away, lots of nights out and a few bottles of wine thrown in here and there… since starting chemo I have had loads of side effects and they have been a challenge but no loss of appetite, if anything it has gone the other way and am 3lb heavier in 6 weeks!!

I keep telling myself in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter but am feeling way too chunky than normal and do not like it… I have gone from being a workaholic and always active to someone that is far more sedate, I try to keep active but most of the time I feel exhausted!! I have managed to get dressed and do something every day bar one since chemo started but really just wanted a rah rah rah rant!!!

Has anyone else had this problem? I have searched and searched the posts but it seems I cannot find anything that tells me this is a normal reaction!! flipping pringles were responsible for at least 2lb!! they were not fibbing with the whole once you pop ad!! have now replaced them with sunbites and as nice as they are, I can stop with them…

this is a long waffle but feel better already, I do love this site!! hmmm life is def a bowl of cherries without cream sometimes!!!

hope everyone is doing well and side effects are minimum x x x x

weight even!!! xx

As far as I can se, most people on breast cancer chemo gain wieght, the only ones who don’t have been ill with infections etc.
I had struggled to lose excess weight gained from steroid treatment for another problem, just before diagnosiswith breast ca so have not been thrilled to regain it. The steroids are partly to blame for it as they make you feel like a ravening tiger with the munchies, but perhaps the inactivity contributes as well.
Have heard that “They” say that you do better if you gain weight while on chemo but have no evidence for this.
If I knew how to avoid it, I would not be here sympathising!

Oh I do sympathise - i too have gained weight and i don’t think it is from eating too much but for me more to do with the fact that I am so inactive now. For about 6 - 7 days after my chemo session i hardly eat anything as i feel so sick yet i still get incredibly bloated and do not loose anything. When i get my sense of taste back its like i have to eat everything just to get the taste of stuff again - its drives me mad as i feel so lardy.

hi yes i too gained weight and lots of it, 3 stone to be precise,my onc told me not to worry about it, they would rather you gain than lose it,

dont be hard on yourself, once you have finished your treatment you can worry about the weight then,

i know exactly what you mean, i felt fat, bald and having had a mx…

i have finished my treatment now, i am not quite right yet, but would like to think i am getting there, slowly,

all the very best to you liz xxx

Yes I’ve gained weight too, had to buy a load of new clothes as none of my old stuff fits. Am very depressed about it all as if being bald, feeling ill and having to have a Mx isn’t enough.

Champagne Dreams,

Know exactly how you feel. I seem to be piling on the pounds and actually discussed it with the team at last feccin and they said it is very common and not to worry while undergoing treatment and to deal with it when finished. It is the steroids that are mainly to blame which makes you feel ravenous. I can’t eat a thing for nearly a week after poisoning but still feel bloated and then want to eat everything in sight and none of it healthy stuff!!!

So like the others here, I feel fat, bald and hideous, dontcha just love this disease!!!..My OH says he doesn’t care and although its not my best look, loves me all the same! Awww!!



I just wanted to say that its normal and is another damn problem that goes with the cancer. ( As if you don’t have enough on your plate !!) I exercised all through my chemo wherever I was able ( I am a runner), still went to my exercise classes etc, didn’t eat vast amounts as I was paranoid about putting on weight, yet I still managed to put on almost a stone!! I even stopped taking the anti sickness pills as they were steroids.
( not something that i advise!!) It is only now as I am nearing the end of all my treatment that it is finally coming off. So, dont feel guilty eat cake and enjoy it, it is a temporary all be it frustrating measure however, you will get there in the end !!
Michelle xx

I went on a BCC “diet” talk - and was told that the average lady puts on 20 - 30lbs whilst being treated for breast cancer! I think that was the whole treatment rather than just the chemo, but most people put most of their weight on during chemo. I’ve ballooned and spoke to my onc yesterday who also said that this isn’t the time to worry about it! I’m even being quite careful and not eating too, too much. But my exercise levels have completely dropped.

And here I was thinking that if there was going to be a silver lining to chemo it would be that I would emerge waiflike and supermodelesque!

don’t want to gloat, but I have kept more or less to original weight. I eat so little in the first week (and make sure I take the laxatives when I get bunged up) that I actually lose a few pounds, which then creep back on during the next two weeks, thus keepign me almost static. I’ve put on a little, but nothing much. I have to say that the experience has shown me how very little food I need to eat if I’m going to lose weight (and I’m over my maximum weight before I start!)… so… in good weeks I try to cut out the 'tatoes and some of the other carbs and eat fruit. Still goes back on no borra! Might be the wine???

Oh tell me about it!! I’ve put on about 2 stone since diagnosis last August and on my second course of chemo now.
I did blame it on steroids but really I think its more from sitting on the sofa eating cake and crisps for nearly a year!
I did mention it to my onc too and had the same response as Sandytoes. What really worries me is that if I don’t lose some weight soon before I start taking Tamoxifen (which also makes you gain weight) I will soon resemble Jabba the Hut! Bl***y cancer gives nothing back does it?!

i put on 2 stone over my chemo course as basically i only felt “well” when snacking! as soon as i started to get hungry i felt really nauseous. i also felt sorry for myself a lot so a snack bag of chocolate a day raised my spirits slightly!

its all gone now anyway and at the time a nurse said to me do whatever is necessary to survive chemo and eating helped!

Tamox doesnt seem to stop me loosing weight but the fatigue it creates doesnt help. i now run but its taken me 2yrs to get to this stage.


Thanks for all your replies, its good to know that it is not just me although its sad that anyone has to go through this lil gem of an illness…I think I am just having one of those days, I feel like I have accepted that I have lost my hair, accepted all the other lil beauties such as not being able to work, side effects and the rest and now I am struggling with my weight and looking and feeling good is getting harder by the day!!

Eating def gives me the energy the chemo takes from you, although being at home so much more makes snacking so much easier… I also have lots of well meaning friends who turn up laden with cakes/chocolates etc although I have got better at offering them out to other friends who call round for a coffee!

I guess it really does not matter and it will be easy to lose weight once I am back to long shifts and the active lifestyle I had… it does seem a tad silly to be moaning about my weight but feel like its just one more thing to think about… chemo is hard enough without living on the small amounts of food I seem to need to eat to maintain my weight… plus I LOVE food and got way to used to eating what I liked when I liked whilst working…

I too Sandytoes thought I would be waiflike at the end, not so it would seem at the moment!!

Thanks for all the reassurance… take care and lots of love x x x

Oh yes Champagne Dreams, I can relate to the munchies talk too. I expected to look gaunt and ill, instead of which the steroids and the extra treats make me look pinker and rounder faced than usual and people keep telling me how well i look!
I do feel chunky and I don’t like it. It doesn’t help with the self esteem. Why do I seem to want to “reward” myself for being alive?

About 7 kilos for me - after the last chemo I started to really watch my diet, cut out all the rubbish, smaller portions etc, started some moderate exercise and I think I lost less than half a kilo in three weeks. So frustrating and I ended up having a total melt down one morning when even my pantyhose wouldn’t fit. So talked to my onc at next visit who checked me out and said I was still retaining fluid from the treatment and gave me fluid tablets, my blood pressure was also up so they should help with that too. Now the weight is falling off pretty quickly, I’ve lost about 2.5 kgs in 10 days and I’m certain it’s given me the boost to keep going with the sensible diet and exercise when I finish the tablets in another 3 weeks. So if you’re struggling to get the weight off it might be worth checking if some of it is due to fluid retention.

ok i am not having any chemo. I put on a few pounds after my op but i thought that was inactivity. I am now back to normal life. I have given up alcohol for all sorts of silly reasons, I know i am eating less than normal and my activity has increased because i am drumming more to make up for lost time, but i have not lost the operation wieght increase, and i am putting on a pound evey fortnight–what is that all about.

Goodness know what will happen when i start the tomaxifan. I never eat cake or chocolate but it seems to me that nothing makes any difference. Perhaps the cancer was feeding off something and now that its gone the body is still producint the extra energy the cancer needed, and now its not used it goes to fat (mad theory number 34)

Oh yes I’m definatly a jabba the hut impersonator and don’t I hate it. Since diagnosis last December I’ve put on over 3 stone and gone from a 16 to a 22. My onc said it’s nothing to worry about and that it’s a good thing, then I read the article about obesity and bc and think now what! I thought silver lining bc would make me loose weight especially the chemo !!! No unless I ate I felt sick also now chemo finished trying to watch what I eat but I hate how I look and feel. I used to walk 5/10 miles a day, now with stick a few yards and I’m exhausted. For me this is worse than being bald. Do you find that people don’t think your that ill cos of the weight so get lots of you look so well not skin and bones! BC gives you so many different horrid things to deal with. If anyone has a solution please please let us know. Xxxx

Hey everyone, so I put on a stone between diagnosis and end of treatment - which was also my 50th birthday - not a great look - fat and bald…anyway 11 months on I have been making a concerted effort to take some exercise , now that I can as I too was almost house bound with chemo tiredness…so I eat less and move more and loose half a stone …and guess what …I panicked, thought the cancer was back and ate my way back up the half stone just to prove to myself I was OK…
hey ho…here I go again…hope to keep it off this time!!! best Nicola