Weight gain post treatment


Second time around for me. I was diagnosed first time in 2017. Mastectomy, Tamoxifen and reconstruction. Jump forward to last May and it had returned in the same side, in the muscle and spread quite badly to my lymph nodes. Deconstruction surgery in July. Chemo, radio and now on cycle 1 of 25 of Abemaciclib. Zoladex injections and Letrozole. Much to my surprise, I have gained a stone and a half over the past five months, and now I just can’t shift it! I feel as though I’m barely eating - the new drug has taken my appetite and I get an upset tummy when I eat anything fatty. Is it possible to eat such a low calorie diet and still not lose weight? Anyone else struggling with this? Any tips? Thank you all! Warm wishes x


Hi @catwoman74, I can see in the past people have commented on this being their experience too. I can see posts from 2018 with a thread about this: Weight gain and side effects from Zoladex

And even a post from 2015: Weight gain on Letrozole

It looks like it’s a common experience, and I wonder if speaking to our team of breast care nurses may be helpful for you. You can reach us on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm).

Sending our warmest wishes