Weight Gain & Steriods

Hi Ladies

I had FEC No. 4 on Friday and since then I seem to be ballooning I dont think Im eating anymore than normal in fact I feel sick so it should be less. Is this down to the steriods and if so do we lose the weight easily afterwards - cant fit in any clothing at the moment.

Thanks for your comments


Hi Karen
I didnt have FEC regime, but have put on over 2 stone since Oct, my face looked like a football.Think a combination of steroids and not working.Am usually on my feet all day.Stopped chemo mid March and slowly losing weight,puffiness has gone from my face.

Take Care

Hi All

The steriods cause water retention so drinking and peeing more should help. I am to rink half a pint evey hour during the day to flush the system (has 2nd FEC yesterday). I am not bothered about gaining a few pounds - only to get rid of the blasted cancer.

Anita xxx

Hi Anita

I think in a round about way you have answered my prob, it wasnt the weight gain as such it was the sudden nothing fitting - I had no 4 friday and have really been off food and drink as soon as I read water retention I though you wally DOH!!! This is truly a chemo brain moment LOL.