weight gain with tamoxifen

Hi guys i am new to this mallarky my name is julie i am 37 years old was diagnosed with type 3 invasive lobular last feb .Had 8 dozes of chemo then had a double mastectomy in sept ,started taking tamoxifen in nov just wondering if anyone else put on quite a bit of weight and if so does it come of easy enough to be presise i have put on 2 stone eek!!!.Thanks

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I know there are a few discussions on Tamoxifen, look under the undergoing treatment tamoxifen section, quite a few ladies have complained about putting on weight.
Have you really looked at how your diet has been since you last weighed yourself, are you less active, comfort eating? any of these things can help put on a pound or two a week, i know during chemo i comfort eat and put on two stone, ive just lost that plus 10 pounds more but alot of that is through a bit of exercise, and im no big fan but the odd walk here and there really does make a difference to your weight and gives your mind/body a boost, especially if you listen to music.

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hi cuttysark,
i’ve been on tamoxifen for 3 yrs, i’ve put on about 1stone.
i try to eat healthy and walk alot as well as having quite a physical job.
i actually wonder of its the Tamoxifen its self that causes the weight gain or the menopause it puts you into to as my friend who has not had BC but is going through the menopause has also put on weight since she’s been started to go through the menopause.

karen x

I cant help you but just like to wish you well for the future

claire xxx

Thanks guys for your help looks like i will have to get the old walking shoes on .I think it is just motivation i am lacking in but hey it has to be done .Thanks again hope you all keep well xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.Julie