weight gain ??

Just wont to know …
do you put loads of weight on when you are on tac.as this happened to any one ???



I am on epi and xeloda and have put weight. Sorry I do not know about tac.

I had AC and Taxotere and put on 2 stone

ow my god …feel for you …and knowing my luck i will ballon to …is that the steroids that make you put weight on ???

god hey what you have to go throght to get rid of that ba===d…


Hi Sal - I had 3 FEC and 3 Tax and put on nearly 2 stone ! Couldn’t diet after chemo because of radiotherapy and they mark you and you can’t lose weight as the markers won’t be in right place.

I have lost half a stone but heart not in it really.

Good luck

Liz xxx

Yes, I have put on about a stone on Taxotere. It is a few weeks since I finished that, and I haven’t lost any of it. It is bad enough having all this nasty treatment and its rotten side effects, but to put on weight as well is just the end

Hope everyone is having a good day,


im bluddy scared …i dont feel femanin now never mind putting on 2 stone …

feel like crap now ,
and there is nothing you can do about it is there ,


It really makes you feel bad doesn’t it? It is bad enough having bc, chemo, rads and no hair and then to put loads of weight on too. I have a pot belly now and cannot do any of my trousers up.
Excuse my moanathon


hi everyone
i know how you all feeling about weight gain, but somehow cant get my head around slimming at the moment, only had 3 fec already put on half a stone, which i had lost prior to breast cancer. this treatment taking it out on me, in lots of ways. little tearful tonight as well. never mind tommorows another day.

hope you all have some pleasant moments tommorow.x

the ladie that are on tac how are you getting on with weight ???


Hi Sal

Yes I’m on TAC - have had 4 cycles and 5th is on Monday and I have put on half a stone so far on chemo (a stone altogether now as I put on half a stone between dx and chemo) - am now wearing size18 clothes and feeling very fat! Everyone says I look well and it’s better to put weight on than be losing it - I wouldn’t mind being a size 14 though!! Just have to go with the flow and hope I lose it later! Have you put any weight on?

Best wishes

Hi all

I would say as follows for me :
Epi 1 - nothing
Epi 2 - about 4 lb ish
Epi 3 - no chnage
Epi 4 - no chnage
not that bothered me as enough else to worry about
Taxatore 1 - some more
Tawatore 2 - some more
I would say now about 10-14lb more than when started
do I care? on the one hand “no” as i just want to get all the treatment out the way amd then sort the mess out afterwards
on the other hand … the extra weight is giving me HUGE back problems combined with the lack of activity (chronic back problem anyway) so now I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING as I can’t walk very far …
2 more Tax to go
bit of a b*mm*er …

having said that … my eating habits are awful on Tax due to the fact that I crave salty things and have been eating loads and loads of crisps - pre dx ate none!

I think a lot of the weight gain is self inflicted - if unintentional
plus I have been ppp’d off due to arm problems and the fact that it’s taken me soooooooooooooooooooo long to complete my 8 sessions and I have defintely been comfort eating

so I am going to make a big effort to get a grip and only eat what I would normally conisder to be “good” and see if i can reverse the trend

on the one hand i don’t agree with dieting when on chemo but on the other … if I can’t even walk to the end of the road then I’ve got to do something about it …

I can hardly get in my clothes now … my choice each day is getting smaller and smaller … lets see what can be done …

good luck everyone
lots of love
FizBix xxx

PS By the way Mallysally I did a quick poll on weight loss before I started my chemo and it was 50/50 losers and gainers … if you search on “poll” you’ll probably find it …

PPS MallySally - I think you have to be acareful about what you believe - if you really think that you are going to put on 2 stone then you will - it’s possible you may - but try and be a bit more open minded … good luck with it all anyway

I’ve done 4 FEC and gained 9lbs. Started 1st of 4 TAX today - so goodness knows what it will be…mind you, I don’t care much - as long as my clothes fit (and yes, some of my trousers already have elasticated waists) I don’t care - it’s just a little thing in comparison to everything else, and can easily be dealt with…if I choose to!

Don’t worry MallySally - it’ll all come out in the wash, eventually.

Just to be different I have not put on any weight - in fact since being diagnosed in Feb have lost a stone. I don’t think this is anything to do with the treatment - more to do with the fact that I did have a desk job and got very little exercise…I also ate lots of rubbish whilst I was at work (there was always chocs or biscuits available). I lost half a stone whilst I was in hospital as the anasthetic made me sick and since having chemo I have lost my sense of taste for most of the time and so only eat healthily whilst I am like this as I don’t enjoy anything and everything tastes the same. During my first course of chemo I did eat one thing after another just to try to find something I enjoyed but it didn’t work!
I also try to take a walk everyday as it makes me feel better.
All this said I can’t wait to get my sense of taste back and then I am sure my weight will return - even though I could do without it.

Tanks ladies

its just that since iv had my opp i feel crap… i ran 3 times a week, and now im doing nothing …]
really miss doing my fitness as that kept my weight still and could have goodies.

And now dont feel sexy and i dont wont to put on weight as i have put on about half a stone since i found out i had cancer…
thats cus i dont do as much and feeling sorry for myself so i tend to eat junk food…

well i will just have to see how it go’s and try not to eat junk food and try to eat heathy…easy said then done tho…

i start tac on tue…1st july…

hope i can feel ok to just go walking, but will have to see how this chemo efect’s me

well thank’s all for your reply’s

at least i know you can or can not put weight on , but knowing my luck i will …

bye for now
sal x

bump it up


i don’t mean to be rude but …

if you didn’t have cancer and you stopped doing loads of exercise and you ate lots of junk then you’d put on weight - right?

that’s what I’ve done - I didn’t run before but I was quite active …


if you do less exercsie and eat sensibly then I think this can be minimised - that’s what I am tryng to do now

THE BIG PROBLEM is comfort eating on rubbish …

am trying small handfuls of coconut and sultanas or carrots or apples …

you are probably feeling pppp’d off (apart from the fact that we all do from time to time) because you have withdrawals from those chemcials that get produced during sport … that will pass soon

good luck

lots of love - I know how you feel - {{{{{{BIG HUG }}}}}}} love FB xxx

another thing … I have now started doing stetching … why don’t you do this ? it does improve the mood a lot …

I have lost a bit of my chemo weight by cutting out all the rubbish I was eating ( cake, crips Etc) and stuck to meal times.

I’m so glad that someone else has this salt thing (Fiz) - I taste everything as salty so eat salty to cover it! I’m even adding salt to my food, which I never do normally…

I’m trying so hard to not eat between meals, but as i can’t do that ( I get SOSOSOSO hungry that my stomach hurts ) I’m trying to eat less more often, but even so - I’m constantly troughing!!

But no weight gain yet - I think my boob weighed 4lb so I lost that at the op and am still 10st 4lb. Not for long, i fear…!

Td xxxx