Weight loss required before reconstruction

Is it true that your BMI needs to be below 30 before they will proceed with your request for reconstruction?


I just had a single mastectomy last month. My surgeon agreed to proceed with removal of the healthy breast and reconstruction of both next year, but I won’t be seeing him again until after Christmas to discuss it further.


I have been told by other ladies who have gone through this before that your BMI must be below 30 (not obese) before they will consider doing it. That would mean I’d have to lose at least two and a half stone, which is a mammoth amount. I have never been that light since I had my children (now aged 17 and 15).


If there are any exceptions to this rule, or if you know you were over that and still had it done, please let me know. I feel thoroughly depressed right now.

My BMI is 26.5,which is classed overweight.However,saw the surgeon in January,told me I have a lovely tummy.Due to have reconstruction anytime after July.I will say though,you could be at risk because you will be undergoing major surgery.Not that you are having recon.What do they propose to do???yes,21/2 stone is a large amount,but you have 26weeks at least ,and if you go on an eating plan,you could lose 26lb,almost 2 stone…think about it,and maybe go to your GP for advice as well.As I mentioned before,it us the fact you will be having surgery…

I have just had a diep a few weeks back and my bmi was 26. I was told it had to be below 30 for a diep. Not sure what weight guidelines are for other reconstructions. X