Weird cancer related dreams.

Hi. Just wondered if anyone else had strange dreams related to cancer. My latest is that I’m in a big whole underground standing on a trampoline. There is a big trap door above me and I keep trying to jump up to push the doors open. But all I can do is open them a little bit and see peoples feet. No matter how much effort I put into the jump I can’t open the doors.
Maybe it’s time for some therapy or pills. Dx

Gosh yes, I had one during treatment that was so vivid I still remember it 6 years on. I was trapped in a narrow rock crevice - sort of between two plates of smooth rock - I could just see the sky but couldn’t move. It was terrifying and I felt it was some kind of vision of death…at least I did in the wee small hours when my brain was in overdrive.
But of course it is just reaction to unbearable stress, and I didn’t have another dream like it, nor needed happy pills and… I am still alive and well!

Sounds scary! Though sounds positive that you kept jumping. Maybe next time they’ll flip open, or you’ll see a bit more of people than their feet? Dreams can be great too, I think they are our body’s ‘natural’ therapy!

Since my recent secondary diagnosis I’ve had to take sleeping pills which knock me out - it’s not like proper sleep and I have no dreams (and miss them!). But finally managed a pill free sleep on Thursday - dreamt of running through beautiful summery fields and up a mountain with no effort and no pain… it was like a gift!

Had the most awful dream last night - was about to face death by firing squad in 10 mins time.

Sarah AL some dreams are so vivid I still remember some from my childhood. The emotions are so strong.
Scaryfox I really think your dream was a gift and I hope you have many more just like it.
Divvy that sounds terrifying. I assume you woke up before the 10 mins were up.

Our brains are powerful things. Dx

oh can relate to dreams, I have some weird and scary ones, wake up very upset, but i think they are all related to a feeling of being out of control of lifes situations, just hopin they fade soon as I regain a sence of control

take care xxx

Hi truffle shuffle
another one of my current batch is that I’m in a car with no brakes going off the edge of a multi storey car park. Definately an out of control dream. Dx

its facinating and scary, after my op I had tons of strong painkillers, just topped up every 4 hours, well after some time on this cocktial I started with auditory and visual hallucinations, so strong it took me a few days to come round, but my lord, they were real to me. so very very scary. when I look back now over all the treatment, it is this that makes me shiver. It took my friends and family some time to convince me what i saw was not real

take care xx

I have only just realised that I don’t think I can remember a single dream in the 6 months since dx! That is rather strange. Maybe being a poor sleeper, waking up many times a night to go to the loo, I never get into the deep dream sleep.

Finty that must be exhausting ,when does your brain get the chance to let off steam? Dx

I’ve got used to it - I don’t think I need a huge amount of sleep, was always an early riser before bc. Since chemo finished even though I still wake up a lot, I find I can usually go straight back to sleep as long as I have the radio on low in the background. My poor OH has taken himself off to the spare room - I am pretending to miss him, but as he snores for England it is actually bliss! If only I could stop the dogs farting all night, all would be fine!