Weird pattern to join pain

Weird pattern to join pain

Weird pattern to join pain I have been on Arimidex for 6 months and like evreyone else I got the joint pain and stiffness especially first thing in the morning or when I sat still for any length of time.

Then 9 days ago I had such pain in my knees that I was limping, I thought i had overdone it at work and it would wear off, but it has steadily got worse and is now affecting my fingers, elbows wrists, feet and back of my shoulders, but not just in the mornings like it was before. It is now much worse than I ever expected it to be that I am worried that it will affect me working

I phoned the breast care nurse today and because of the sudden onset she is arranging for me for me to see the consultant on Monday

It is only now that I am really panicking. Has anyone else had it develop slowly over a period of time and then just accelerate and become so bad in a matter of just over a week

All sorts of things are going through my mind now and know I am in for a long and sleepless weekend worrying about it

Hang in there Hi Pollyansa

I’ve had a very similar accelaration of symptoms while on Arimidex. I’ve been on it for about five months and had, what seems to be very common, joint pain and stiffness first thing in the morning or after sitting too long. It wasn’t pleasant but I thought I could deal with it and still go to work and get on with a "normal’ life.

Then, about two weeks ago it suddenly got a lot worse. It was so bad I could hardly walk up stairs and the tiredness was really overwhelming. I struggled through each day at work, fighting the desire to put my head down and go to sleep. My left wrist was particularly bad, plus knee joints and even the joint at the base of my neck, also my finger joints seemed swollen. I have a lumpy vein poking through the palm of my right hand, which is really sore.

I went to my GP who said it sounded like my immune system was playing up, no doubt reacting to the chemo and radiation. He put me on anti-inflammatories. He also sent me for heaps of blood tests to make sure nothing else was going on. I went back to see him yesterday and the tests showed something is definitely going on with my immune system. It’s not surprising is it?

The good news is that this week I am heaps better. Things aren’t perfect but they have settled down a lot and I can walk and climb stairs now without any problems. My energy levels have picked up and the stiffness is back to what it was two weeks ago (bearable).

Five years of this drug can seem like a life sentence when it affects you so badly, and I worry about taking it long term too.

I think it 's always a good idea to get things checked out. I hope your flair up is short lived and you start to feel better soon. I’m thinking of you and sending heaps of hugs.

Amazonwoman x

Thanks Amazonwoman for your reply, you have really helped, i have had an awful weekend so far, imagining all sorts of things, had practically convinced myself that ‘it’ had come back, but at least I know now, that someone else has experienced this sudden acceleration of symptoms and that you are ok! Thank you!

Obviously I am still worried but your response has enabled me to calm down enough and just wait until I have seen consultant on Monday…fingers crossed and everything will be ok

Same! Hi Pollyansa

Just to let you know that youre not on youre own. I started Arimadex 2 months ago, and the joint pain can be quite bad, I have now started to get pain in my hands, head, knees in fact all over the show!

I have just come back from hols and thought that I would see if swimming everyday helps and it did. At first it actually hurt my legs (ankle and knee joints) but after a couple of days it got better. I am going to try and continue with it for a couple of times per week.

I have been told that it settles down after a while, so there is hope!

Debbie x

Good luck today Hi Pollyansa

Just wanted to say good luck for today. Let me know how you get on and what the consultant has to say.

What sort of consultant are you seeing? I get confused sometimes about who I should see about what. So many syptoms and so many health care professionals! The agony of choice.

I saw my breast surgeon last week and seeing my radiation oncologist today. I write down all the questions I have and try to allocate them to the different docs. I’m never sure if I’m asking the wrong person the wrong question.

I won’t say don’t worry, because of course you will. My breast surgeon told me I don’t need to worry about getting cancer in the other breast as that’s what he’s there for. I thought that was quite sweet.

take care

AW x

LancsLass and Amazonwoman Thank you both for your replies. Have just returned from hospital (saw Onc) Am going to have a Dexi scan (bone density scan, just hope there is no bad news from that) and they have changed me from Arimidex to Femara, I thought they were the same kind of drug but apparently there is a possibility that I might tolerate the Femara better. So fingers crossed that things improve a little.

I feel more reassured now, no matter how rational I try to be, I still panic about the slightest thing…I just don’t want anything to interfere with me working, it is the only thing that makes me feel normal at the moment,

Ah well, see how I go from here. Thank you both for your replies, it is reassuring being able to come on here and speak to people in the same position, it really helps

PS will definitely give the swimming a go!

I was on Arimidex for 6 months and a couple of weeks ago had a very sudden acceleration of symptoms over a weekend. Anyway I took myself off Arimidex and saw the onc last Tuesday. She said to stay off it as Im not hormone receptive so dont really need it. The bad news was that my DEXA scan has shown severe osteoporosis, I was so shocked. I am at risk of fracture and am scared to move! Im having intravenous Pamidronate next week with my herceptin.

Hope the change of drug helps you Pollyansa, and that you feel better soon. I still have the achey joints but they are not as bad as they were.

Love Rosemarie x

Hi Pollyansa I don’t know anything about Femera, so not sure if it’s the same kind of drug as Arimidex. In Perth (not sure about the rest of Australia) we have a bone density scan BEFORE the oncologist prescribes the drug. As far as I am aware it’s either Arimidex or Tamoxifen. If the bone scan shows a risk of osteoporosis you can’t take Armidex as this makes it worse. My scan was really good (the only good result I’ve had) so was put on Arimidex.

iI’m glad we could reassure you, this website is so good for that. No matter how strange your experience is there is always someone going or having gone through the same thing. It’s good to know WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Worrying comes with the territory. Nothing can really change that.

I understand what you mean about work. For me it’s a prioritory because I need the money. I HAVE to work but I don’t think I would choose to if I didn’t need to. I haven’t enjoyed being back, which has surprised me. I think it’s because of the tiredness and all the niggling things, like wrist problems. They interfere so much and I worry about how long I can carry on like this.

Keep fighting the good fight

Love AW x