weird stuff

since my dx it has been strange to see how almost everything is connected to cancer! went to get a prescription and the paper bag was about it. went to sainsburys and there was a man collectin for breast cancer then went to Boots and saw Gorgeous bag there. turned it round and proceeds are towards cancer charities! is anyone else findin it poppin up everywhere they go?!

I know what you mean - I find I can hardly turn around and sneeze but I’m looking at something that is connected with cancer. I think it’s just that we notice things more when we have a personal connection to something.

Yeah lilacblushes you prob right. like when youre worried you might be pregnant and then you cant move for prams! how has your day been?

My day has been quite good thanks - was at work from 8am and got a fair amount of stuff done. Early finish on a Friday so I was out of there for 3.30pm. Son finishes work at 6 and I think he is planning to go to that place he refers to as ‘out’ so I will have the flat to myself … which means I get custody of the tv remote.

What did u get up to today?

have just been dx and am havin op on 6th june so ive been out buying a couple of nightshirts ( front fastenin of course!) and other odds and sods. you been back at work for a while now after treatment or are you just startin off on this fateful journey? btw, nice one with the tv remote! my daughter is 13 and by the time she goes to see dad i av forgotten what to do with the thing. and if it’s not her tv progs then it’s the playstation!

I was dx in January - had WLE and node sampling on 25th Jan and was back to work 14 days after my surgery … daytime TV was starting to bore me and I was fed up with having to make my own coffee. I then had a week of later on so that I could get some intense physio done in prep for my rads planning. Arranged my rads for late afternoon and worked 8-2.30 then left to travel up to Glasgow for my rads session. Finished rads on 29th April and went back full-time on 30th April.

Am back to see onc on 3rd June for post-rads check-up and apart from tamoxifen for the next 5 years I am hoping that I am not going to need any more treatment.

Good luck with your surgery and whatever come after it. Remember to keep coming in here and updating us on your progress and ask whatever questions you have.

thanks lilacblushes. thought i had got my head as much round it as i could, but ive been told i will need chemo and ive been scaring myself half to death reading about how hideous it is. now i want to cry! Am really chuffed for you that everything is going well. x

I wish I could re-assure you with regards to chemo but as I’ve not gone through it personally I cannot comment - there are loads of ladies on the site who have gone through it and many say it is not as bad as they had anticipated. Best advice I can give you at the moment is to concenrate on getting your surgery out of the way 1st and don’t stress too much about the chemo at this stage. It’s so easy as well to read stuff on the internet and scare yourself rigid, be very careful as to how much research you do.

A friend of mine, who’s daughter received treatment for leukemia many years back gave me the best advice right at the start - what she said was every cancer case is individual and don’t listen to other ppls horror stories and think they will all apply to you… take everything as it comes and deal with stuff as it happens.

I was initially told I would have surgery then chemo then rads … in the event I escaped the chemo and ‘just’ had a full round of 29 rads instead.

Re chemo people do react differently I was quite lucky and coped quite well, only slight nausea occasionally,mainly felt tired.
Hope all goes ok


thanks both of you. i do try to take it a step at a time but then sometimes my head goes a bit mental and i find it hard to cope. even tho ive not had the op yet, these times are gettin fewer- i was on the floor with it when i first found out. thanks again_ feel a bit better after a cry and fish and chips for tea! x

nothing like fish and chips is there? I havent had any for ages, though cos our chippy is horrible and last time I had anything I felt sick for days!! I know what you mean about seeing cancer everywhere. An old friend of mine sent me a sponsorship form through the post as she was walking for a breast cancer charity and asked me to sponsor her! I hadnt told her and thought, I hope she isnt asking me cos she knows I have had BC and should pay my way!!! She didnt know and was really embarrassed when I told her! I agree with Lilacblushes and Mary about taking all the advice of treatment with a pinch of salt. Everyone reacts so differently to treatment and to the disease itself. Its like all the horror stories you hear when you are pregnant about childbirth etc. You will get through chemo and if you have a sense of humour which is sounds as you do, you will get through it even better!


Jasper - everyone is individual in how they react to chemo, but I hope you are picking up the overriding feeling that it is do-able. If you have a sense of humour it really helps - particularly as Cathy’s jokes are something else!!!

All the best
Sue xx

donnt know bout cathys jokes but you Sue and C athy are something else anyway for gettin back to me. thanks SOOOOO much. sometimes i might feel like my sense of humour is goin but then i go out and speak to anyone i meet and i realise the same old Gill is actually still there! Im a social care worker and i talk to anyone and if they arent very responsive then i feel thats their problem! ta v much for gettin back to me. i know this illness is a b word they wont let me say but i feel so accepted and connected to you lot and in that respect it’s worth it. thanks lasses! xxx

I’m sorry you had to join us Gill, but glad you feel supported by us whilst you go through it all! Now, get your butt in the Dew Drop Inn, coz Cathy is giving me a hard time for daring to alert you to the calibre of her jokes!!

don’t go into ddi, I am already getting it in the neck for trying to keep the peace

Aye Right Mary - you’re just propped up in the corner boozing!!! lol