---Welcome to ---After treatment has finished Chat room

—Welcome to —After treatment has finished Chat room

—Welcome to —After treatment has finished Chat room —

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You may be finding it difficult to pick up the threads of your life now your treatment is over. If you would like support from others in the same situation this is the place for you to post.

Pain under the operation site I had a mastectomy in August and since then I have had a lot of pain and some swelling under the operation site, around the area where the drain tubes are put. The area gets so sore and tender that even wearing clothes is very uncomfortable, I have had various tests and scans but to no avail.
Does anybody have this condition?

4 Weeks After End of Treatment Hello All,

I am new to this website. See my profile for my details. Its so nice to be able to chat to people who know what its all about!

I finished all my treatment 4 weeks ago, but I don’t feel very well - feeling nauseated, headaches and hot flushes (also no period this month) I am 36yrs. Not on any tablets for BC. I think I’m going through the menopause. Anyone had similar symptoms / experiences? How long does it take for chemo to leave the body and start feeling better?