WELCOME TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY Yep, it’s that time of year again, my birthday! and I was racking my brain for an idea and thought why not have a fancy dress do.

After all one of the pleasures of virtual celebrations is it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are Valerie’s Fantasy Costume Designs will guarantee that everything suits you perfectly.

To save any embarrassment about walking down the street in your outfit (although the more exhibitionist amongst you can suit yourselves) if you just say who you want to be as you walk through the front door you will be automatically transformed. Natty, eh?

Sorry Elaine, I’ve already bagged fairy princess, yes, I know, I know, but it is MY birthday and I’ll let you hold my wand later if you like - it really works you know.

Karen, you there girl? I’m putting you in charge of the music for obvious reasons, ‘first lines’ will just have to do without us for a bit.

Lynn, Anita, there you are, oh yes, very nice, who have you come as? Really? Well that’s imaginative.

I’m sorry if I haven’t mentioned anyone I’m having trouble recognising one or two of you in those costumes.

Thank you for coming, how could I possibly celebrate my birthday without you all?

I’m just off to mingle, see you all in a while,

Valerie xxx

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Many happy returns, Valerie! Now, get that dress off and give it to meeeeeeeee … :wink:

Oh ok then. You’re the birthday girl so I shall choose another one. What ya got? I’d like something sassy …

I’ll help out with the food - that’s my speciality. And a HUGE cake, of course!

Have a lovely day!
susie xx

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VALERIE no prob’s i’ll bring along my extensive music collection…have you any special requests you’d like me to include??..now what can i wear…ummmmm…have you got a spare snow white outfit in size 12…cos i am pure as driven snow lol !!!..hope theres plenty of hunky men there for elaine!!!..guess she’s bringing along the booze lol …if she doesn’t drink it on the way !!

karen x

I will come to yours if you come to mine!!! Happy Birthday my friend,

Just read you post so I am at present having a drink or three on your behalf…hic…cheers.

Its mine on the 8th of may so I would love to come to yours today, cannot decide what to wear, think I will come as a yellow flower cos my yellow days are nearly back on track…Last tip run I had I found an harmonica, bit grubby but who cares, (I will be like Deirdre on Coronation Street (have the craggy neck and glasses…no on me nose not in me hands) I will call myself Martini for the night…any time any place anywhere. lol…

You look fantastic as the fairy, and Karen scrubs up well as well (who is she trying to kid…white indeed…lol)

Hiya Susie you look fantastic…(you have probably heard of me…like a drink or three now and again…lol)

Anyway the stripping fireman will be here soon (will need him on standby with all those flipping candles…bags i go first on pinning the tail on the donkey. When does the kiss chase start???

Must go and top up my glass…is that a punch bowel over there?

Lots of love elaine

PS Hope the goody bags to take home have a few miniature’s of spirits in them…lol

Darlings, darlings, darlings! Hello and happy birthday. I am sooo sorry to be this late. From the second I saw your post I have been slathering on the fake tan (no direct sunlight during rads you know) - I just wanted to come as one of those size zero catwalk models.

WELL - as you can see there have been a few problems - how come I’ve turned orange and who needs to be a size zero anyway.

How about I’ve come as a vitamin c pill - that’s more believable - orange and round and shiny!!!

Hope you’ve had a good birhday

Kim x :slight_smile:

Belated Happy Birthday Valerie So sorry to have missed it! Hope the hang overs are not too bad. Now who would I have come as . . . . . . . . … . . . .a bumble bee I think.

Off back to bed now, finally resorted to a sleeper tonight and think its taking effect . . . . … … z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.

What a great party Though with hindsight, Elaine, bringing all those sailors along the kent coast in the worlds largest conga line might not have been such a good idea, apparently the natives have been complaining! LOL

Susie, Kim, thanks for coming it was great to see you. That colour doesn’t rub off does it? No? It was just that I thought you were looking a bit streaky…oh, Susie painted you some tiger stripes on, I see, well that was kind of her.

Try not to clink the bottles in your goodie bags too loudly when you go ladies, I have to live next door to these people.

and don’t worry about clearing up, hubby can do that - men have to have their uses somewhere!

Love to all of you, you made my day,

Valerie xxxxxxx

too late! sorry am i late ,ive come as the white rabbit from alice in wonderland !! at least ill soon have the teeth!!(am in the middle of dental treatment)!!happy birthday to you, hope youve saved me some drink ive just jumped on the waggon and REALLY enjoying myself,only thing is i got chucked out of morrisons fell into a freezer, i tried to say i was having an arimadex induced hot flush but they didint believe me!! still heres to elains birthday bash hope im not too late for that well have to book the firemen for all the smoke the candles will make lol!! love lynn xx

Sorry missed you Sorry missed you Aroma, white rabbit indeed…lol…must have been the alcoholic haze I was under at the time, kept seeing double of everything so the conga line was massive…

Sorry about the fag burns on your carpet Valerie…I was pushed honest I did not fall, I am sure. On my next skip trip will look for a nice little rug to cover the mark (hubby need never know)

Well my gardens being sorted by my gardener, (think Mrs Solace on Desperate Housewife’s…lol) that’s to all those who are sad like me and really enjoys this programme.

It should all be finished by next Tuesday, just wait to you see the outside pool and jacuzzi. Look forward to you all joining me so just bring along your cozzies and a bottle of wine or three…lol

My head is still aching so I might as well continue with the booze until my birthday…lol

Hope everything else is ok with all of you, and please can anyone find nemo?

Love Elaine

Hee hee Glad you liked the tiger stripes I did - well I never said I would behave at your party! Hope you had a good one …

Now. About the mess. Sorry about that. I guess things did get a little bit out of hand … but those lovely firemen did just turn up and I thought they sang rather well for you, no?!

I still have no idea where you disappeared to for those couple of hours, but let’s draw a veil over that and pretend you were showing them the conservatory …

Happy Birthday!

susie xx