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How do we see old postings by other users? I gained a lot of information/advice by browsing through previous postings by specifc users whose current posting I found well written.

Hi Elena

The new system does not currently have the facility to browse all posts by particular user. However, you can use the much improved search facility to find specific comments and threads. To use search, click on the search tab at the top of the page.

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Breast Cancer Care

Hi Moderator,

If I browse, I will be able to find something that will be of help to me. My problem is that I cannot search for something when I do not know what it is called or if it exists. This is particularly pertinent to alternative medicine.

From henceforth I will have to keep asking questions but your database is going to be huge if people are going to have to write information that they have already referred to.

When you say “not currently have the facility”, does that mean that
(i) you have removed it on purpose, or
(ii) that that you cannot make it work?

Dear Elena

Thank you for your comments. This is a completely new system and it does have new and improved features, however, it does work differently to the previous site and the new system does not automatically provide the profile search option. We will be interested to see whether the new search facility can fulfill the needs of users and reviewing these facilities is an ongoing process.

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