Well, at least the sex has got back to normal!

I had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate expander reconstruction on July 23rd - 3 weeks and 4 days ago. I’m GLAD to say (firstly) that my husband still fancies me - like mad - and also that despite losing my nipples (how careless) our sex life is back to it’s pre-op highly satisfactory state. I still have tightness under the bust and various other bits of discomfort besides but I’m sure glad to have that part of my life back to normal.

Thanks for this - it worries me that bc seems to mean the end of all things sexy for so many women. Good to hear a positive story and lucky you! xxxx

Lucky you indeed!


That is wonderful news - so soon after the op I think you must be a real goer, you cheeky girl, I’m impressed! I am also envious, as my operation seems to have neutered me - and the problem is definitely me, not my partner, who has been totally supportive, reassuring and everything you could want. I am just wondering if this is it for life, or if somehow I will get over it. This is indeed my obsession. Well, at any rate, your case says that it must be possible to have decent sex so I should keep up hope. I wonder, since I have gone on about this so much, if I do ever ‘get my mojo back’ as the Americans like to say, will I make a public announcement to that effect? Front page, local paper…national news…!!!

I am green with envy I have lost my mojo due to chemo, ah remember the days, the nights . x

I had bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction too and now on chemo. So far, sex life hasn’t lost the appeal… On the contrary!! x

Well, the chemo has done it for me - nicked my mojo big time. However, if I try really hard ( and I do like to keep my OH placid and content!) I can manage it, and I do think ‘use it don’t loose it’…

I have to say , the Replens is great!! And I never fake - just say ‘thank you darling. that was wonderful, being so close.’

Td xx