Well Done Buttons!


Well done you, you did it!

Hope it all went well today and you sail through the next couple of weeks. How did it feel saying goodbye to everyone (no crying I hope), I would imagine it feels a bit strange (I’ll find out soon - yay).

You will be able to have that nice cold beer very soon and it will taste like heaven.

You’ll be under the next heading soon lol.

Love Julie xxx

awwww mate thanks.

Went well today, the hospital was heaving…ive never seen the car park that full before or that many people in one place, it was manic.
Was very chirpy, cant think why on going in. Got a cheer from the girls which was nice…and no hanging around today. I handed over a big box of roses…which disappeared rapidly into the office…and for some reason the girls kept sneaking in cant think why lol.
Chemo went well…had a good giggle. Had a chat about herceptin etc, still dont know if I need it but if I do well, at least ive got a erm lets see.13 week break from needles woohoo.
It was weird this being the last one. I said thankyou to all the girls for making an altogether unpleasant thing a good giggle and making it easy for me…as well as putting up with my hiding behind the tissue thing. I didnt cry though, thought about it, but sucked it up lol. I said goodbye to the usual characters that I have a laugh with while loitering with intent, they were all pleased for me etc…and yes i did start a conga chant which got stuck in everyones head…its my last chemo…its my last chemo der ner ner ner…went down a storm lol.
On coming out the unit and wobbling (cos cmf gets me hammered lol)…even wore heels today…should have remembered the wobble effects so that had me amused. I did fill up with tears, just hot eyes but didnt cry. I did tell the girls before I left that in a nice way I hope I would never have to see them again…wonder how many times theyve heard that. It was a strange feeling with it all being over…well this bit anyway. Heads up chick…its your turn soon. Hope cmf is doing ok for you…yay…funky pills and potions to take tomorrow. OOOOOO days to do til that icy cold beer

Hi Buttons I bet you feel great to-night I to as you know had my last CMF to-day I went through just the same as you only with buckets of tears. They had 3 new patients to-day all young and they were wondering what was going on with all the nurses shouting over to me about being my last one and the new girls were asking the usual questions has it gone quick about the side effects and all the other questions so in between crying buckets I was trying to answer them without frightening them anyway I did manage to get out of the place after 3 hours Then all my friends and I went for a massive chinese which stopped all the crying but I do feel well to-night. Hope you do to now. My daughter said to me to-day The only way is up and thatll do for me. I will have a few weeks rest then hoping to get back to work sort of normal living cause I dont feel I have done that in a very long time You take Care And I Wish You All The Best Love Linda xxxxxxx

well done buttons on finishing your chemo.

karen xx

Well done ladies!

How fantastic that you have finished your chemo, thats great news!!! I had my first day 8 CMF yesterday, so I’m counting down til I’ll be finished too, only 3 more cyles to go!!

Anyway, nice one ladies!

Take care and enjoy being chemo free!


Well done girls had my last 10th may and then 15 rads now at last I can smell those roses!