Well today was my breaking point

Hi SGL, I have replied to your other post regarding Alcohol. I too sometimes feel I moan a lot as I have several other conditions to cope with apart from my BC and bone mets. I don’t want to moan too much to my friends and family as I am sure it must be boring! I suffer from IBS and have Gall stones. I also have tinnitus and have a constant ringing in my ears, which I have learned to block out, using for example the radio with head phones at night in bed, as the noises can drive me nuts. My recent worry is a problem leg which gives way and I have to sit down to put my knickers on now! I have to be really careful in the shower and am using my walking stick again. Apart from all that I am well! Thinking about you . Have a great night out but don’t overdo the Italian wine. Hugs Val