went swimming/re-construction

I went to the baths today for the first time in 15 months. I was knackered after a few lengths but it felt wonderful. As I was showering a lady came and stood next to me and said. Oh you’ve had what I had. I wasn’t naked but she had noticed. She then showed me her re-construction and it was fantastic. I have always felt I wouldn’t bother but after seeing hers I think I would like to have one. My scar is all lumpy and bumpy, she said hers was like that before the operation. She said she had been ned for 12 years and she carried the brac gene. She was 71 and had a reconstruction 7 years ago. I have always thought that surviving was the most important thing and as a pessimist (well about bc anyway ) thought why put yourself through it when you probably won’t be around for long. Hmm I will have to think about that. But… I am fat so I am swimming and walking and working and 15 months ago I didn’t think I would be here. I love life I live every day to the full… but that’s today next week I may be on a downer. That’s how it is. Love to all love Eileen