what a waste of time

Well just had a painful 8 day wait and just saw consultant and he didn’t even feel lump he just looked and said well u have only had it 2 weeks come back in 6. he stunk of smoke and was more interested in flirting with the nurse :frowning:

Shocker; apart from how upset you feel about going back in 6 weeks; I feel really angry for you at the moment.

Once you’ve had a chance to think about this are you going to be confident not to get too stressed with this additional time I’d be onto my GP; BCN etc anyone who would listen and throw all my teddies out of the pram but I’m not the most patient of individuals and tend to jump in with both feet more brain cell engages.

Important thing is how you feel at the moment; please come & rant if you need to.

Take care

Oh mamof2, how horrible! I assume your GP referred you because they could detect something, I would go back to them straight away and get them to deal with this on your behalf. There might be a very good reason why you need a further wait and your GP will be able to reassure you.

Don’t be afraid to speak up if you are unhappy about this tell your GP how this man made you feel!

Love DaisyGirl xx

That is awful! and unacceptable. At the very least you should have had a physical examination and probably a mammo or ultrasound, I would definetely complain to my GP and get him/her to arrange an appt at breast clinic again ASAP so you don’t have too long to stew, I think I’d also go to the hospital PALS and see if they can help.

Sorry it turned out like this after all your waiting - good luck! Don’t give up. xx

He said he likes to wait to see if its an infection on his patients and 6 weeks gives better judgement. Will just get on with life then and be positive it will dissapear :expressionless:

hi… the situation you find yourself in is NOT ACCEPTABLE…firstly ring your GP… tell him/her you want re-refering… preferably to see another consultant… if this does not work to your satisfaction… go back to the breast unit and tell them exactly whats happened… and ask them if you can see another doctor as your very worried about waiting 6 weeks… before i was diagnosed with BC last year, i found a lump in my other breast… i did not go to my GP i went straight to my local breast unit and told them… they arranged an appointment with the breast surgeon for 2 weeks later… when i saw the doctor he said oh you self refered… call it whatever you like but thats what i did… fortunatly at that time the lump i discovered was a cyst… but i was told there and then if i had any concerns to ring them, they couldent of been more helpfull… if your not happy… do something about it … dont leave it 6 weeks… angie xx

OMG what a disgrace, I agree with what everyone else has said. Make a fuss and insist on being seen again. Ring the Pals office and complain. I mean for goodness sake, how does he know the lump has only been there two weeks, it could have been there ages, but only just grown big enough for you to feel it. Grrrr some of these doctors are dreadful!

Hugs xx

Unbelievable! Poor you. Kick up a fuss.

ditto all the above - hardly “gold standard treatment!” Just not good enough… try ranting at the Breast care nurse as well…
in my experience, they’ve been great at sorting problems…


Mamof2 - that is a disgrace. I’ve never heard of someone NOT being given an exam. How can he know what it is without examining you. And actually leaving it 6 weeks is very silly.

I don’t want to scare you here, but It’s not acceptable to have to wait to see what happens at all.

I found a large lump under my nipple, I went to the docs next day, they did an exam, told me it didn’t move so unlikely cyst, may be fibroademona due to my age, 34, but they wanted a specialist to check it and for me to have a scan etc, I had a biopsy, a mammogram, an Ultrasound, this happened within 2 weeks due to size. I was diagnosed with Primary BC at Grade 3.

If I’d have personally left it for a couple of months, it would likely have spread to my lymph nodes! THey were already surprused when my nodes were clear, didn’t tell me at the time that they thought it would have spread, but did afterwards. So I was “lucky” in that respect.

Cancer doesn’t grow THAT quickly, but spread can.

So of course time is of the essenence.

Please dont’ leave it, please complain. You shouldn’t have to do any of this of course, but you need someone to take charge.

And I really hope it’s “something and nothing” after all.


Think he might aswell have looked at my age and walked me out the door
told him it was painfull but after antibiotics it didn’t hurt but still left with hard lump
said infection does this I know I won’t last 6 weeks I cudnt do 1 x

Well they said to me it’s not likely to be cancer you know, you’re 34 years old, it’s so rare in people your age. It’s probably going to be a fibrous mass thats not cancerous but we’ll get you checked out just in case.

Thank god they did. He should NOT make that assumption you know. Without an examination, they can’t know for sure and really they don’t know until you’ve had a mammogram and more importantly a biopsy.

It is very uncommon at this age - thats a fact. But it does happen.
I hope for the best for everyone in the waiting room!
It’s “do-able” if it is the worst case scenario, but it’s not a walk in the park because of what it does to your life as well. But, unfortunatley, cancer doesn’t go away if ignored.

My Mum died of Bowel Cancer at 53, after 3 years since diagnosis. She assumed how terrible she felt was due to other medical conditions, that she had some backache but nothing unbearable etc, eventually they discovered this was bowel cancer. She was very very unlucky and I can’t help but think if it’d been caught earlier she may still be with us.