What about an American trial?

just wanted to give out some information in case it is of help to anyone.There are hundreds of research trials going on in the USA with drugs we have not even had a sniff of over in the UK. A local lady has got on to an American trial with great success from a new drug trial. They say Americans are not as keen to go on a trial, probably due to differences in their medical system I guess, so it is not impossible to get included especially if you have an unusual dx and they need enough patients to study.It is not just chemo trials.
You might think it is out of reach but some of them link with the UK. For example they have a triple negative trial going on, which is a phase 3 trial and still open. They have a trial site for it at Guys in London and are recruiting 370 - 450 patients in total.
The site is cancer.gov
Best wishes
Lily x

Sorry, Lily, nothing I could find about US clinical trials in the UK on cancer.gov. Seems specific to 500 miles radius. And no “tick box” for IDC, which is the most common form of BC. Let alone trip neg! Is it my browser or am I being thick?

L x

Hi Lanterna,
the number of trials is so huge it is a bit like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. I found this by simply looking at trials and was surprised to find that they had a UK base on that one at Guys. It may be the only one, I really didn’t look at too many but I am aware that triple negs get much less attention so was curious. Just click on any trial that interests you and it gives you the info there.Sorry it might take some time but if you have narrowed it to just breast cancer it is smaller.
Hope this helps
Lily x