What activities have you been able to do with at risk arm with no issue?


i know the official rules re lymphoedema risk (have had full clearance), but would like to know what in real life people have been able to do and not get it out of interest? I used to do heavy gardening, DIY, snowboarding, kayaking, cycling, gym, lug heavy things as required…Am only in early 40s and it seems everything is a no no…x

Hi Flower I had full ANC on the 11th May along with mx and immediate reconstruction.  Wasn’t expecting to have all my lymph nodes out so I didn’t do any research beforehand but afterwards when I looked it up I frightened myself to death that I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I have a horse so ride and do lots of lifting and carrying. I also ski and like the occasional spa day but if you read up on it you wouldn’t get out of your chair. I phoned my BCN in a bit of a panic and she reassured me that if you just take a bit of care but don’t stop living your life. Not everyone gets lymphodema. I have a friend at the stable whose 67 and had lymph node clearance 26 years ago. She rides, falls off, mucks out and carries on as normal and has had no problems so she is my bench mark. 


Dont nut give up doing what you do, life is for living :slight_smile: xx

Thanks. Trying to feel it out, but seems like how am I going to live…Thought spa days were no no too re sauna, steam room etc. I feel like if I can’t get a mozzie bite, can never go abroad etc. Also wanted a puppy after all this but what puppy will not bite/mouth me… I am so clumsy usually, don’t know how I will get through life without falling over…stupid rules! 

Hi Flower, I too love gardening and I found at my local garden centre gardening gloves that go up to your elbow so i don’t worry about scratches.