What am I allowed to do post op?

Hi. Lumpectomy due on left boob on Weds and aware I should limit lifting and using my left arm after surgery. However, I’m assuming I can lift with and use my right arm as normal post op - I’m thinking of some gentle hoeing, picking veg and dead heading - my own recovery plan x

We all recover at different speeds and feel pain differently so you will get lots of different answers.

My story is I had full MX and ANC on my right (dominant) arm I was told to use my arm normally but not lift above shoulder height and not carry anything more than about 5lbs. I do have a high(ish) pain threshold but was loading the washing machine & dryer etc 2 days post op and was fine. By about 2 weeks I had full movement and was allowed to put my arm where I wanted and was more or less back to normal apart from carrying stuff. You should be able to dead head etc no problems but watch with the hoe as you dont realise what muscles you use on both sides till you start trying you could hurt your back etc if you are trying using the wrong hand or twisting to avoid hurting your boob

The words I got from my BCN & Physio were dont overdo things, try what you want to do and if it hurts dont do it

Im 11 weeks post op and apart from less able to lift heavy things above head height im pretty much back to normal and have been for around 8 of those

Enjoy yout gardening but dont overdo it x make sure to rest often

Jen x

Hi Jen and big thanks for advice. I shall make do with pottering and watching the flowers grow x