What are my chances plzzz?

Hi Everyone - Firstly like to say this website has been a God send this past week, many of you are an inspriration to be going thru BC and still finding the time to come on here to asure others.

I’m needing a bit of reassurance please,I’m 33yrs & found my lump just over a week ago, luckily i got my app to the clinic a few days after. Had US and was told that its more likely Gland tissue, but as i only had a lump on one breast the lady asked for a second opinion. This lady also agreed its possibly gland tissue with no explanation of the lump being there. They told me i had to see consultant again but after that would be sent home. As you can imagine i was elated. Went into see the consultant who said he was still not happy with the US as there is a definate lump there he couldnt ignore. Had Core biopsy (5) and told to return this Friday for results.
Would you all agree this is going to turn out as nothing? I go from feeling positive (and slightly silly) to absolutley petrified that he knew something he wasnt telling me.
Also is it normal to itch like mad after core biopsy? I constantly have my hand in my bra scratchin away!!

Hi xmascarol,
Sorry that you have had to find this site, as great as it is…
I am afraid I have no words of wisdom, the waiting for results is the hardest part of all of this. The unknown is always worse.
Try and stay positive and remember that most lumps are benign.
Keep yourself busy, dont ‘google’ and know that you are not alone.
Take care

Itching - normal. Anxiety - normal.

Waiting for results is hell on earth - every single person on this site who has been through it will confirm that, and I really, really feel for you.

The only thing I can tell you is that once you know for definite what the lump is, you will feel better than you do now - which may sound a very strange thing to say - but the uncertainty is the absolute worst thing of all. I hope very much that the lump is nothing to worry about - and that is still a definite possibility, despite having had to have a biopsy - so I hope Friday brings you excellent news.

Big hugs

Sophie xx

hi XmasCarol
im waiting with you and am off to get my results on Friday too.
i am the same- mostly upbeat but with the odd “what ifs?” and going through it in my mind trying to pick out any words/comments that would give an indication as to what i am going to be told!
Good luck on Friday x

Thanks sooo much for your replies. It really means alot.
I keep telling myself Im too young and have no family history of BC so chances of this being anything bad is so small, but then…
WIth the build up to xmas its taking my mind of it a bit thankly.

I will let you all know Friday what results are, fingers toes and eyes crossed that we get good results Flapper1

Love to you all, thank you once again xxxxx