What are my risks of getting lymphoedema from surgery to my shoulder

I had my mastectomy 2 years ago (left) and had axillary sampling and my sentiel nodes removed. Prior to being diagnosed i was due to have an operation on my shoulder (left) but for obvious reason put that on the back burner. My shoulder is steadily getting worse but I am anxious about having the operation as I’m concerned about the possible risk of getting lynphoedema due to the trauma of the operation. What I wondered was are there any ladies that like me only had certain nodes removed that have developed lymphoedema or is it if you have them all removed, that you are at risk. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

I only had SNB and I have developed lymphodema I do have horses so lots of lifting heavy items. Although was told I was low risk and if I did things before I could do them after op!!! NOT!
Good luck xxxx

Thank you Tolliebelle for your reply. How are you coping with it? Because at some stage I will have to have the operation when i cannot cope with the pain any longer.

I have only got mild LD and to be honest doesn’t really cause me any great problems. I have to wear sleeve and glove and it was just a case of getting used to putting it on each morning!
I do the MLD?? exercises each day as well and although it has not got any better it has not got worse so that’s good.
The only problem I have had because of it was having to have cannulla in foot when re diagnosed with BC in other breast and them not being able to use left arm. Have results from WLE next week so hoping dont have to have SNB in this side they didn’t do it as normal because of my LD on the left side from SNB so only going to do it if necessary. Hopefully wont be.
I would speak to your shoulder consultant to make sure he is aware as he should then be able to do all necessary steps to hopefully stop you from developing it!

Take Care xx