what are the chances of a fibroadenoma and calcifications

what are the chances of a fibroadenoma and calcifications

what are the chances of a fibroadenoma and calcifications posted on 20.04.06 9:15 pm

I had DCIS of the right breast and had a mastectomy in Dec 2005. My mammograms and biopsy of the left breast reported fibroadenoma and calcifications, what are the chances of these being DCIS or something more sinister. I will be having a further mammogram before i see my consultant again in June and if there are any changes the decision to do what is necessary will be taken.

Hi Lavinia I too had dcis and mastectomy two years ago. I was assured by the consultant that there was nothing wrong with my other breast. I have since developed three fibroadenomas, cysts and extra breast tissue. They keep and eye on it with regular mamos.
As far as I know you can have calcifications which are not dcis. Before I had my mastectomy the calcifications had changed and this is what worried the surgeon.
Sorry not all that helpful
Good luck for June, that’s when I go back too!

Calcifications If your radiologist thought your calcifications were highly likely to be malignant and a sign of possible DCIS, I think he/she would probably have recommended a core biopsy to check further.

When you see your consultant, you could ask what criteria they use to decide whether to do a core biopsy and whether they believe your calcifications are benign. I think it always helps to put your mind at rest if you can understand their thought processes.

Hello Lavinia I posted this in response to your post in Chit Chat but it is probably better suited here so apologies for repeating myself!

My normal routine mammogram showed fibroadenoma and micro-calcification, (5 pinhead sized - close together). I was told it was ‘probably nothing to worry about’ but had a core biopsy to check. Then was told it was DCIS…more tests …then was told it was Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I was able to have a Wide Local Excision,(and SNB), which established clear margins and am just about to start rads, (no chemo, no hormone therapy cos I’m triple negative). I really wish they hadn’t done the reassuring ‘probably nothing’ bit as I was totally unprepared for the final diagnosis.

Hope you get a better diagnosis!

Love from Allexie X

Hi daphne I did have core biopsy done and the results were benign.I still have some worry about things though and appreciate any reassurance I can get at the moment. Thanks for your reply and any other info would be appreciated.

Hi Allexie Thanks for your reply. My mammogram of the left breast shows microcalcifications and fibroadenoma, the core biopsy came back benign. But my worry is just what you have already experienced. I hope you get through your RAD OK. I will be thinking of you. Keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on. I will keep you informed of my results.

Hi Jacks Thanks for your reply any info is useful and does give some reassurance. Hope you get good results in June . keep in touch

Lavinia I’m glad to hear your core biopsy result was benign.

You mention that you still have worries - let us know what’s troubling you as we may be able to help.


Hi Daphne, a little unsure of what is actually worrying me. I think becuse of the extent of the DCIS I had in my right breast I am concerned that these microcalcifications could accelerate and cause me to have to have surgery to my left breast

Lavinia I can understand why you feel uneasy when you hear about experiences like Allexie’s. My experience is fairly similar to hers, though no fibroadenoma was involved.

I had calcifications picked up in a mammogram and then had core biopsy. My surgeon did a WLE as the core biopsy showed atypical ductal hyperplasia, which, although regarded as benign, can increase risk of breast cancer.

The WLE showed up DCIS and invasive cancer which got me booked for mastectomy.

I hope that these experiences some of us have had don’t cause you unnecessary worry, but perhaps you might want to have a chat to your surgeon to make sure that your core biopsy showed no evidence of atypical hyperplasia or something else that my surgeon mentioned they look out for - epithelial hyperplasia.

Here’s some info I found on the BMJ website about hyperplasia.

“Epithelial hyperplasia is an increase in the number of cells lining the terminal duct lobular unit. This was previously called epitheliosis or papillomatosis, but these terms are now obsolete. The degree of hyperplasia can be graded as mild, moderate, or florid. If the hyperplastic cells also show cellular atypia the condition is called atypical hyperplasia. The absolute risk of breast cancer developing in a woman with atypical hyperplasia who does not have a first degree relative with breast cancer is 8% at 10 years: for a woman with a first degree relative with breast cancer, the risk is 20-25% at 15 years”

If a surgeon told me that my calcifications were benign, I would take that to mean that my cells were all entirely normal - no evidence of hyperplasia, so I hope your surgeon can give you that reassurance when you see him. I think you’re seeing him in June? If so, you might want to speak to your breast care nurse before to get any questions answered sooner.

Thanks for the info Daphne. I understand everything your saying. My breast care nurses are brilliant. I have received word today though that my appointment to see my surgeon has been put back until July. So have got another extra 5 weeks to wait.

Appointment Sorry to hear your appointment has been rescheduled. Are you OK with that?

Feeling anxious about delayed appointment. I think that I can cope if not then i will surely be in touch with my fantastic breast care nurses.
Daphne I appreciate your words of wisdom and concern.

Hi just thought that I would let youknow that I am due to go for 6 monthly mammogram next tuesday 13th june. Feeling a little bit on edge wondering whether this fibroadenoma and calcifications have changed. I will see my Consultant on 19th june .

Lavinia Good luck for tomorrow. Let us know how you get on.

Hi Daphne good results yesterday.The fibroadenoma/calcifications havn’t changed. My consultant is pleased I am to see him in December and a mammogram next june. If any problems inbetween I can get in touch with him or my fantastic breast care nurses.
I feel a little lost at present because I have had 2 years of worry (husband was being investigated for prostate cancer his biopsy results came back last week OK, mother recovering from a stroke and knee surgery) I am looking forward to having a holiday very very very soon.

Lavinia, I’m pleased to hear you had good news and that you have a good medical team looking after you. It’s always a worry when you have checkups/mammograms that something will be found, but reassuring that you can talk to the team between checkups if there’s anything worrying you.

I’m sorry to hear that other people in your family have had health issues. I hope your mother makes a good recovery. It’s good news that your husband’s biopsy is clear.

I hope you both have a relaxing and happy holiday - you deserve it.

best wishes