what are we supposed to do if we have a cold ?

hi ladies

I’ve noticed that my nose is running … well - you would wouldn’t you??

it hasn’t run since i started Epi

my eyes have also been very itchy today

I think that now that epi is coming out my system that my hayfever may be returning … the epi held off my hayfever completely

but I am also concerned that it may be a cold … if it is a cold then what do i do - I know I have to take my temperature - if I don’t have a fever then I presume i am OK ?

what I mean is I assume that if its a cold with no temperature then I don’t have to run off to A&E do I ?

sorry to ask but I am abroad and not really up to foreign conversations at the moment - it’s hard over the phone when you don’t know the person on the other end

I feel very “flu-ey” but that’s down to the neupogen injections so I’m ignoring the symptoms - well trying to

thanks as always - thank goodness you are all here - i don’t know what i’d do otherwise!

lots of love FizBix xxxxxxxx
PS I would say it’s 80% chance hayfever and 20% chance cold - don’t you just love stats ??? … not sure what the % chance will be that it’s gone next wek though!!! … :slight_smile:

I caught a cold on chemo when I was on holiday in Ireland.I had a bit of a temperature but nothing too bad.I phoned up the chemo ward in the UK and they told me to keep an eye on my temperarure and if it went up futher to pop down to the local hospital! Luckily I didn’t have to,but I was full of cold! I think its just the temperature you have to keep an eye on.

wonderful josyemarie - just what I wanted to know! love FizBix xxxx

Hi Fizbix

I have hayfever and my doc said when I am having the steroids don’t bother taking hayfever tabs as the steroids will clear the hayfever. My too have runny/glupy eyes and have had a touch of eczema on the eyelids…joy another nice side of the chemo apparently and due to eyelashed thinning he said its like your body doesn’t really know what to do…!!!

Your not kidding…!!!

Try your hayfever tabs and see if it helps but I agree with Josyemarie keep an eye on your temp…!!

I am of to see doc about that bloomin dry cough I mentioned in another thread.

Good luck hun hope you feel better soon…

P xxxx

I have developed a cold the day before a portacathe was to be inserted…I am gutted! My 3rd FEC is due next tuesday and although my neutrophils will probably be ok by then I just cannot have another dose in my arm. The last dose caused phlebitis and is only just feeling better.

Any tips on raising the neutrofils?


Hi Fizbix,

From previous threads, I think you have just started Taxotere - I had my 3rd Taxotere a couple of weeks and some of the symptons are runny nose and watery eyes which I am suffering from at the moment. I also suffer from hayfever, but know that the runny nose/watery eyes I have at the moment are definitely not hayfever as my usual tablets which are always really effective against hayfever haven’t worked at all. Jacqui xx

Thanks Jacqui

With so much going on it’s difficult to work out cause and effect!!! My eyes aren’t so much runny as itchy - really quite itchy.

I’ve been totally pooped but that was due to the injections.

anyway - whatever it is I’m quite stable and no temperature so i can stop worrying.

The only thing i do know is that unless i stop eating like a horse i’m going to look like a telly tubby!
lots of love
FizBix xx

I managed to get flu shortly before my second dose of chemotherapy.

I didn’t know if it was “normal” as obviously I hadn’t ever experienced anything like chemo before. My temperature went sky high, so I wobbled into hospital to see the Breast Care Nurses and they immediately rang up and canceled my second dose of chemo because I was SO poorly.

Thankfully I was well enough to have my second chemo the following week.

I then spent the rest of my chemotherapy regime avoiding interaction with strangers in case I fell victim to errant bugs again, and even my friends kept away if they were feeling even a bit under the weather.

Try taking the hayfever tablets, but if the symptoms continue I would advise a long distance telephone call to yous home hospital to talk it over with the Brest Care Nurses.

All the best


Thanks Minkie - am now convinced it’s Hayfever as it gets worse when I go out

Have Tax 2 on Monday so let’s see what they say …

Good luck
FizBix xxx