what bra post recon

what bra post recon

what bra post recon Hi girls

I expect this has come up loads of times before. But here goes!

I am going in for my LD recon on the 25th. I am only a B cup at the moment. When I went in for the WLE, BC nurse said no underwired bras. So I bought a couple of full cup support bras that were really uncomfortable. I ended up going braless, which was fine as my breasts are not heavy and did not pull on the stitches. With this op, must I wear a bra? I dont like the idea of anything on the back incision as it follows a bra line and would surely rub. I have bought some silky vest tops from Zara, can’t I just wear them until my wounds heal?

Also, new boob will be inflated to C cup and he is using 350ml implant that will be inflated, that wont end up too large will it? There isn’t much of my own fat going into this new breast.

Can I go back to underwired bras in a couple of months time, as I will need a bra to hold the chicken fillet with the healthy breast till I get matched up after chemo ends at the end of the year?

Confused? I am! x


I had LD with implant nearly 3 yrs ago. The breast nurse got me to put my bra on a couple of days after the op and said to keep it on a few hours a day if I could. SHe had specified before the op that a simple sports bra (not the full support ones for active sports people) was ideal. I already wore this type of bra - from M&S, unpadded and found in the non-wired section, cost about £12 I think. But after I left hospital I bought a couple more the next size up (38 rather than 36) same cup size as before, as I needed extra room to accommodate swelling.
I used to wear a bra when I went out, but indoors and when I went to bed (it was said to be a good idea to wear a bra in bed for a while), I wore seamless crop tops from BHS or t-shirts with secret support. These were much more comfortable. By the way, I had a diagonal scar on my back rather than horizontal, but this healed pretty quickly. I had a gauze dressing on it a while which I stuck on myself with tape, and didn’t have a problem with rubbing from the bra.
I don’t wear underwired any more. I did try but found the wiring cut into me and left a graze, and because there is no sensation I did not realise what had happened.
Different surgeons give different advice, so do ask your breast care nurse what she advises before you have your op.
Very best wishes and good luck with everything.

post op bras Hi there
I have seen my plastic surgeon twice and we discussed both lat d and diep flap reconstructions. He told me that I’ll have to wear a support bra 24/7 for 6 weeks after the op. I would check with the surgeon - his/ her secretary should be able to help.
Take care and good luck

Hi there. I am nearly 3 months post op with a Lat Dorsi reconstruction and have yet to wear a bra. My surgeon said i could wear a sports type bra but didn’t stress that I had to wear something but as my recon is still being inflated it doesn’t really fill out a cup and also there is still a lot under my arm so I have just been wearing secret support tops and crop tops from BHS. Nothing was said at all about wearing anything in bed so I wear the crop tops then. Seems to be that all surgeons vary with their advice.

Goos luck to all having this op.


My plastic surgeon provided me with two bras about 3 weeks after surgery. I wasn’t allowed to wear one until then. They were like sports bras but with a velcro fastening at the front. It gave good support but didn’t squash the breast. She gets them from USA. I’ve since noticed that you can get them through her web site. Just google Elaine Sassoon.

Thank you Thanks girls

Thank you for your replies. I was getting really confused with the bra thing. Saw BC nurse today and she said go braless if i want as not heavy breasted. I felt most comfy this way when i had WLE, so will do this again till wounds heal a bit.

Anyway, big day tomorrow, all packed and amazingly calm, mainly thanks to reading the stories on this site of the ladies that have all gone before me.

Best wishes x

For positivethinker Hi,
I just wanted to say to you, best of luck for tomorrow. I am glad to hear that you’re calm. I will be sending you positive thoughts and best wishes for tomorrow.

I hope all goes well and please let us know how you get on.

Take care and all the best,