What can an xray to the back/spine identify

As the title of topic suggests I was wondering what can be seen with an XRAY to back/spine? Have no idea at all. What is the differnce between an XRAY and dexa scan, the latter I have for bone desity.
Back pain eminates from one area of spine, fome being sore to pains running down,up and round bacl and upper legs. Also when walking now and then knee/s give way, or maybe it is upper legs, does not hurt, but very disconserting, had that for monthd, before the back pain 3 weeks ago. So what can XRAYS show? I think I am going into overdrive and its xmas eve, Not a fan of this time of year, maybe when/if I have grandchildren one day… : )

Hi Alice

Can’t really answer you question, all I know is that when I had a CT scan to check for BC spread it showed a hot spot, I then had an X Ray on the spine and they identified it as arthritis rather than someting sinister

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If it is running down your legs and your knees sometimes give way, maybe it’s sciatica?
(Just corrected typo as I realise that ‘legs’ was in the wrong place)

Don’t know the technical details but I have a dexa scan for bone density every 2 years which, as I understand it, is purely for the density rather than finding the source of any problems and then I have a bone scan every few months to see whether my bone mets have changed.

Not sure that this is any help reading it through - sorry!!

Hey thanks for comments. Yes I thought that re the dexa scan and am due one as well as I was told that I should have one every few years. I suspect the xray is just to be my GP being thorough and poss be to do with bone density but just in case…
It is the waiting game really and too much time to think…
Thanks here is to a quick appointment coming through.

Appointment for x-ray on lumber spine next Wed. Sure it is nothing but also all sorts of thought plod through my tiny brain! But then you ladies know this don’t you. Back still sore so pleased that GP made the the appointment as it is over a month now. : ) !!!

Good luck! Let us know how it goes, fingers crossed for good news.
Love Julie