What causes cancer - does anyone REALLY know!

I was diagnosed with BC in late July. I had a lumpectomy and currently going through radiation.

When I received the results I could not believe it. I was in total denial for a while then when the truth began to sink in I started to accept it. What really drove me crazy was the fact that I follow an extremely healthy lifestyle. I never smoked. I do not drink. I exercise vigoursly and regularly. I follow a very healthy low-fat diet. I maintain a healthy weight. On top of that I do not have a family history of the disease. How did I get it! It’s really beyond me.

Does anyone really know what causes cancer!!

No they don’t sadly.

There are things that increase your risk factor, like being overweight, gene faults, etc, but some people with these factors will get breast cancer and some won’t.

And some people with no apparent risk factors will get it.

Maybe one day they will know more…