What Cold cap to use?

Hi Ladies , I am due to start chemo soon , after a double Mx immediate reconstruction , I ended up with superficial necrosis so the implants were removed and i now have tissue expanders . My step will be chemo , I am confused about cold capping , I am aware that the hospital has one which I beleive is the Paxman , but I have also been in touch with Penguin caps which I believe is slightly different . Has anyone had any different experiences , I am so worried about loosing all of my hair I am only 40 and have shoulder length long hair which has always been one of may best assets , I am worried I will go into a deep depression if I can’t try and save my hair during the treatment. I also want to buy a wig just in case and just dont know where to start.

Any help tips or advice would be greatly appreciated xxxxx

I used the Paxman cold cap and considered it was quite successful for me. You will still lose some hair even though using the cold cap - I lost about 30-40% of my hair and in places it went so thin it was almost bald but a bit of strategic combing or parting helped lol. Other people had even better success and others it didn’t work at all - so fingers crossed all goes well for you.

I wear hearing aids and was more bothered about my hair not covering them which is why I was determined to try everything possible to keep it. I still had a wig which I wore a few times and I was given an appointment at my local hospital to see the wig/prosthetics team. Most areas give you a voucher or wig free on the NHS so do ask your BCN or oncologist for details. I had collar length hair but had it cut shorter in a similar style to my wig. In fact I liked the wig style so much that now my hair is growing - with my hairdressers’ help I’m hoping to grow and cut it to get a similar style.