What cream do you use?

Have just read the excellent information you sent me Bahons2. Thanks. It says that you should use cream with vitamin E or Aloe vera in it to moisturise the arm. I was always told to just use aqueous cream. I just wondered what type of cream people are using?

I only use aqueous cream. I’ve never been given any specific advice other than to use a moisturiser. Interesting info.

I used an aloe vera gel during radiotherapy, and think it was very good.


(You’re welcome, Hatts).

I generally use either Cyclax aloe vera cream with vitamin E or their cocoa butter. I’ve also got some some Sorboderm cream which I picked up in Oz and which some of their lymphoedema therapists use when doing MLD.

Failing that, I’ll buy basic unperfumed products, altho’ I do use Johnson’s ‘Holiday Skin’ to artificially tan my arms (otherwise I end up with brown hands and white arms - very weird).

The one place I always moisturise more than any other is around my elbows as the skin is very thin there. I also do my heels every day as I’ve been told that cracked heels (especially in summer) are an easy entry point for bacteria, etc.

X to all