What date do you use as your cancer anniversary

Hi All

What date do you use as your cancer anniversary? I’ve heard some people use the day they were diagnosed, others use the date of their surgery (so it’s the date the cancer was removed) and others use the date of their last treatment.

I’m leaning more towards the end date of my treatment but interested to hear what other use.

Thanks Lisa xx

For me, the day I was diagnosed will stick in my mind forever! But my anniversary is the date of last treatment. Xx

I use the date of diagnosis which unfortunately for me was also my bithday !! Bitter sweet for me but one thing I will say is before bc I used to say I dont really celebrate birthdays now im getting older WELL I DO NOW, I am 3 years from dx next week and its my birthday on saturday,  I gather the family and we all celebrate together , how bc changes your perspective on things eh

But you are right some choose the day of finishing treatment as there date, others when the cancer was removed, its a personal choice I suppose


L x

Hiya. Medically they use diagnosis date…so today I am celebrating 5 years .

Thank you all :slight_smile: I’m going with the date I finished treatment which was March 12th 2014. Nearly 1 year :slight_smile: xx


I use the date I was diagnosed as my anniversary. But I wont forget the day my porta cath was fitted as it was my birthday and my first chemo was my wedding anniversary. It was very romantic day, not, as I looked anything but attractive wearing  the cold cap, lol. At least this year I can celebrate in a bit more style for both.

I’m using ‘World Cancer Day’ 4 th February as mine, as it was the day I got my diagnosis. Not going to forget that as it will be in the news every year :frowning:

Hi lisa i use date i was diagnosed i finished treatment last oct 31st. My hairs grown lovely like my new hair as it is i used to have long hair. I.m feeling well go walking biking eat healthy drink water. Hope this helps you best wishes jules