What desision would you make

Morning ladies, 


I met my surgeon yesterday, i am going on a family holiday 1 july,  originaly she suggested they put a clip in to show where the cancer is, you can feel it now but she would give me a drug that may shrink it, and they want to be able to find it all when it comes to surgery, i was then told i couldnt have the drug as there not sure im menopausal, so that idea was scrapped and im booked in for surgery 8th of june,  they said im high risk for infection, which doesnt mean im going to get one, but if i did oviuosley i wouldnt be able to go. Few people have suggested i post pone op, enjoy holiday and face it when i come back. In an ideal world that sounds perfect, but would i enjoy holiday then, i keep telling myself, no one actually knows how intrusive this is, or even if its spread untill its removed and lympe nodes are checked, i would feel im delaying this, and if results came worse, id blame my self for delaying operation.


Im having lolly pop incition, snd my nipple moved higher, plus 3 lymph nodes removed at this stage.


Thankyou for reading, im do scared of what to do, and dont want to let my family down with the holiday  that we have all saved up for, for over a year.


Debbie xxx


Hi Debbie, My initial thinking when I was first diagnosed was to get this the hell out of me as quick as possible, I was originally having it done privately but as the surgeon was away the NHS could do it quicker so I went that route but both parties reassured me that a few weeks either way would have made no difference at all! 

With hind sight two years on I would say have your holiday and leave the op until you get back , some ladies wait a few months from initial diagnosis while other tests are being done before their ops Xx 

Hi Debbie, I was diagnosed with a 23mm ductal carcinoma with lymph node involvement at the beginning of February. We had a months holiday booked, but were quite prepared to cancel. I was so shocked I just wanted it out. However, when I saw the BC nurse after I’d had the biopsies( it was a one stop shop, so I was told I had cancer in a space of two hours) she had seen the consultant surgeon and I was told to go on holiday as it would take at least three weeks for the results to come back and a pathway decided for me. I took their advice and went, and it was the best thing I could have done. Better to fret on holiday, than fret at home. I was busy busy during the days. However, if they had said don’t go, I would have followed that advice too. Breast tumours are slow growing, so I was told, and a month would make no difference. The size of my tumour after a month had not changed. Hope  this helps. Best of luck with treatments. X

Hi Debbie. I was diagnosed with grade 2 IDC initial plan was to have chemo first to try and shrink the tumour… start with genetic testing and then once chemo was over I’d have a lumpectomy… but… I had a family holiday on the 12th June and I didn’t want to not go (first family holiday in 8 yrs abroad) I made the decision to go surgery first… again my lymph nodes were clear on scanning but who knows until they were taken and tested… plus I needed this cancer out of me… there was noway I could go 4.5mths with this still in me plus there was no 100% sure that the chemo would be shrunk doing chemo. You do what’s best for you and your family and your life… I was told I would be more of a risk of infection… I will be just under 6 week since I had my surgery when I go away. If you recover and rest well there’s no reason not to enjoy it xxx

Hi Debbie I just wanted to comment on this to tell you that 3 weeks after my diagnosis I went on a 2 week holiday to Orlando Florida with my family before I started treatment. It was the best thing I did. I came back with so much fighting spirit to beat this awful thing. It was nice to wake up every morning and not think of cancer straight away. Yes it was on my mind but it never for one second ruined the holiday we had worked so hard to save up for xx

I’m from Belfast Northern Ireland, being treated at Belfast City Hospital.

have appointment tomorrow for results of surgery , can’t sleep.com



Hi Debbie.
I was in a similar situation. We had a far flung holiday booked when I was diagnosed. It had been booked for a year and cost a small fortune. We decided to cancel the holiday and claim on the insurance. We’re going to book another one when this all over. To be honest we wouldn’t of been able to enjoy ourselves with all of this going on. It would of been hanging over us like a bad smell. ?
everyone is different though and some people say they’re glad they continued with their plans and the holiday gave them time away without thinking about cancer. I’m too much or a worrier, so this wouldn’t of worked for me. X

That’s good news Debbie. If your team are happy with that, then why not. My holiday would of delayed my op so different. I hope you have a great time and come home refreshed and ready for battle.
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