What do I need to take to hospital for tram implant?

I.ve read some other comments about useful things for hospital and also to make it easier at home after. I am having my op in September and would like any hints-also any help about how people stopped being terrified about it. Thanks!


I am also waiting for Tram Surgery, I will be interested to read the posts.

Take care

Carolyn x

few suggestions

  1. std toiletries that you like: toothbrush, toothpaste, facewash, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and lotion
  2. any meds you regularly take
  3. standard otc meds that you take occasionally
  4. pj/lounge bottoms and, if you prefer not to use hospital gowns more than required, button down tops
  5. snacks you like
  6. magazines
  7. phone chargers
  8. flip flops (i don’t like to shower without them in public/hospital facilities)
  9. wet wipes
  10. comb/brush
  11. knickers

Hi! Sports bras and (cotton) control pants. I was told to put these on asap for support and to wear for the next few weeks. Not sure if individual surgeons have there own ideas on this. Also, recommended unscented shower creme/gel for bathing. Best wishes, R.


I had my DIEP flap in July. I would suggest nightdresses that button all the way down the front as your flap is checked regularly and you are constantly getting your boob out! PJ’s don’t work so well 'cos of the drains and sore tummy. (Matalan had some of £5 which were fine).

Roll on deodorant, as you can’t use spray close to your incisions, and you will be kept very hot for 2/3 days.

Get someone to bring you fresh fruit every day … much better than medication to get your bowels moving :slight_smile:

I know everyone else talks about sports bras, but they are incredibly unfeminine and ugly and personally, I loathe them. I bought Total Support Non-underwired bras from M&S and the BCN said these were perfect for purpose. I wore the cotton rich plain ones for the first couple of weeks, but since the incision has healed I wear the pretty lacy ones. M&S also do cotton rich maximum support knickers for £10 per pair. I found it better value to buy the synthetic ones from Matalan for £4 and wear my own cotton knickers underneath. BCN also approved this. Leave them wrapped and take receipts into hospital with you, then a friend can change them if you need a different size.

Don’t be too worried about recovery follwing surgery … I was after hearing all the horror stories and worst case scenarios, but my surgery was on 6 July and I came back to work full time on Monday 16th Aug. I feel great, if a little more tired than usual and a little more fragile around the abdomen.

Good luck

Thanks for the advice. Great to hear that you felt OK to go back to work so quickly Jacqui-don’t overdo it though. I had 4 operations earlier this year and didn’t realise how exhausted I was until I had the last few months with no treatment which has been fantastic. Does mean waiting for the next op by nice to enjoy the summer.

Thanks Lily … I listening to my body and being careful not to overdo it :slight_smile:


Hi all … I had a TRAM flap recon done last year, and the BEST thing I did was hire a hospital bed for my return home. That meant I could sleep in the ‘knees-up and back raised’ position. It didn’t cost all that much overall – I had it for about 3 weeks – and I am in Australia. Not sure if you can hire them in the UK.