What do lumps feel like???

I’m just about to book another appointment with my GP after advice I got from one of you lovely ladies out there. I have a lump which I’m told is probably just normal breast tissue. The only thing is I have started to get new symptoms and now I find that I’m getting more than alittle paranoid about my friendly little lump. I check it in the bath, in the morning and during the day. I know its there and it feels different but when the doctor checks it she says there is thickening. I’ve had a mamogram and ultrasound and had the discharge checked but everything comes back clear. What are we meant to be looking for I just don’t know anymore and all I have is this very bad feeling there is something going on in my body that no one can read. Or perhaps I’m just going over the top and should stop worrying.

Years ago I was told about a relative who had a BC dx .She said that she knew it was cancer because it felt ‘like a lump of concrete’ -hard and very definite. Fast forward several years and I had a painful breast which, on investigation , also had a lump. The lump felt like a lump of concrete. I knew instantly what it was -because of my relatives words. A triple test confirmed my fears and treatment followed.


I have since learned that many many people have lumps -hard and soft-that are not cancer or indeed anything other than bodily malfunctions. Also many other people have cancer diagnosed only through investigations such as scans etc as there is nothing to feel.

‘Probably normal tissue’ is only an opinion .

There is no one way to tell. If you are worried about the lump/thickening and feel that your body is not right ask for further investigations. Keep going back until you are satisfied.

I hope it does turn out to be just a bit of your body misbehaving -but if it does turn out to be more serious you know you have found the right place for advice and help.

I also have one of those lumps you describe. I found it last October. I went straight to the doctors, who did a very thorough breast examination and she told me everything felt fine to her. I asked could she not feel the lump and she said yes, but it was normal breast tissue. However, if it felt different to me, then she would refer me to the breast clinic.

Two weeks later, I was with the conslutant, who checked my breasts and then she asked me to put my finger on the area that concerned me, I did, she felt it and said, that is not a lump. I asked her how she knew, as it felt like a lump to me, but, she said she has felt enough breasts to know what they feel like! Anyway, I has a mammogram and ultrasound that were clear and she said she was satisfied that it was glandular tissue.

Like you I was still concerend and went back to the doctor for advice and I have since calmed down. I do know, that if I keep poking at it, it feels bigger - if I leave it alone, then it is hard to find. And also there is something similar on my other breast but not a thick. Also, if I keep feeling it, then that area of the breast starts to feel sore. I think, the same would happen to any part of the body that you keep touching, it will swell and be painful

Sianjane you are right to book another appointment. 6 months is quite a while to still have the lump. My original tumour 18 years ago presented as ‘thickening’ and maybe because I was a bit older it showed clearly on the mammogram. Maybe if you can be referred back to the breast unit they will do an MRI scan this time, but you do need to pursue this. Of course it may still be they will say it is normal breast tissue but you need that reassurance to be given after all tests have been pursued.


You do not say if you have had the FNA test (fine-needle-aspiration?) its is usually a normal part of the standard “triple assessment” test - to accompany mammogram and clinical check etc. It is an easy, quick test, that takes cells direct from the tissue in question. If you have not had this previously - I think it is reasonable to ask for it now. If only to put your mind at rest.


I have had lumpy breasts since the age of 23 and have had about 6 lumps which all felt more like a thickening and round. My breast cancer lump was rock hard, completely different.

I hope this helps.


PS If you are worried you should go back to your GP and ask for another referral.

Thanks to everyone for your advice and kind words. I haven’t had a FNB but I will ask my GP whenI go for my appointment about that one. Once again thank you all you have really put my mind at rest.

my lump was mobile and rubbery, hard rubber though and quite different from other lumps I had.The only definitive test though was how the cells looked under the microsope

so definitely have it checked out by either fine needle aspiration or core biopsy or both



My lump sound very much like yours but horizotial and sausage shaped. It seems that alot of people have very different feeling lumps some so it’s very helpful to know how other ladies lumps feel (sorry if that sounds too much like the black eyed peas song)

Sian X

Just another question does anyone have pain in the shoulder and arm the side the lump is in. As you can see I’m not quiet with it at the moment and I keep thinking of more questions.

Sian x

Hi Sian
I have an ‘ache’ in my shoulder blade and slightly under my arm - my lump gets checked next weds - to be honest I don’t know if it’s a definite ache, or is it just because I keep prodding around to see if anything has changed, or is it because I feel I’m carrying myself differently? I feel like I’m trying to ‘protect’ my right side more than usual (which doesn’t look like it makes much sense when I type it out!) so I’m wondering if I’m just aching in general at the change of posture? I’m definitely prodding around more, probably to convince myself that it’s definitely there and I’m not gonna be wasting anyone’s time! I’ve never experienced a lump before so have nothing ‘normal’ to compare it to - mine feels quite rubbery and isn’t quite as mobile as it was 2 months ago when I discovered it.

Anyway, I think any GP worth anything would refer you for a biopsy to put your mind at rest.



Me again.

I had a strong stabbing pain in my armpit at work and did a breast check that night and found the lump. Weird. I did have lymph glands involved though so could have been that.


Get it checked out, it will send you mad otherwise with all the wondering.

Hi I noticed a lump in my breast a few months ago…didn’t do nothing about it having been busy with daughters ill health…I finally went to the doctors this morning my lump is also sausage shaped n under/behind nipple…doc felt deffinate lump and has booked me into clinic next week for mamagram and possible biopsy…very worrying for all women …be strong x

I have the same… horizontal sausage like lump above/behind my nipple… had appointment with breast doc… he had a feel and they taken bloods…went back few month later told me I dont have breast cancer and that it was caused my weight lifting and taking steroids… its now 6 month later every day it hurts and if my 4 year old son catches it when were playing it hurts like mad… never had an ultrasound or anything… my nanna died of cancer and it never shown up in her blood… should I be getting more tests…

Hi I know this is an old thread but I just thought I should share my experience incase it helps. I first found a lump in July this year and was diagnosed with bc eventually in October. My lump was quite soft seemed no bigger than a baked bean and very fluid. It seemed to change shape (though this could of been my imagination) which made me think it was a cyst so it was a shock when I found out it was cancer. So I don’t want to unnecessarily scare or worry anyone but it seems malignant lumps can take all forms of shape and size. So far it looks like mine was caught early so I would say from my experience get anything checked out as soon as possible. Rebecca x

Hi Sarah sorry for the delay in replying I haven’t been on the forum for a while. I’m 41 am 42 end of march. Ask me anything you like. Xx