What do you do when you can't sleep?

I was thinking of posting this thread at 3.00am this morning…never have been a good sleeper to be honest, I used to be a shift worker.  However now that I have this disease it is worse because that is when awful thoughts occur.

GP has prescribed me sleeping tablets, but I try not to take them too often, even when I do sometimes they don’t work, other times I have a lovely sleep but feel a bit washed out the following day…and of course they say that if you take them too regularly you get used to them and they don’t work anyway.

I have tried counting, reciting poems, reading,candy crush, other games and watching TV on my ipad, getting up and sitting in another room…all things recommended by insommnia experts…maybe I should try doing the ironing, that always seems to make me tired!!!

Hubby and I have seperate rooms now, not because we don’t love each other but because I tend to disturb him as well.  I spent many years blaming his snoring for keeping me awake, after kids moved out and we had the space to have seperate rooms I realised that I don’t sleep even when it is quiet.



I’m not a good sleeper either - even before all of this. I do find a glass of milk helps me to get back to sleep.x