Just listened to yesterdays womens hour and was just wondering what people think of their coverage of breast cancer.

Thought the couple yesterday were ‘fab’. They showed how important a sense of humour is.

Can’t say i have learn’t anything new though.


Hi Liver
It’s been interesting to listen to the various perspectives on the different issues, but like you, I’ve heard little that was actually new to me. In some ways that’s a relief - where coverage has identified stuff I didn’t know about e.g., the Independent article on the different types of BC and prognosis, it made me anxious that I was missing important info from my armour against this disease - it threw me right back into the quandary of whether I had got the right treatment for my dx, etc.
I thought yesterday’s couple were fantastic and I’m trying to build up the courage to play the programme to my husband - he is trying to get me to wean myself off the BC obsession and to move on a bit. But I thought Len’s account was wonderful, how he’d got support from his pals at the golf club. Elsa’s account of showing her wound to him made me cry, it was such a tender moment.

Hi there

I agree. That couple reduced me to tears. They were great. But overall I think the coverage is bang on. We must remember how much we alreasy know. It isn’t really aimed at just us BC people but at everyone who rightly does not know. Think Jenni Murray has pitched it just right.

Lots of love


I think the coverage is excellent and very broad in its spectrum. It is not over yet. They are covering secondary breast cancer on 24th which is seldom discussed in the media. If you read the Womans Hour message board, there are many interesting posts.


I also think the coverage has been great…the best I’ve seen in the 4 years since I was diagnosed. The message board is also really interesting…some good debates about mastectomy, reconstruction, role of charities, secondary bc and other topics.

I’m a complementary therapy sceptic so listened carefully to today’s programme which I thought was well balanced and sensible. I did feel just a bit irritated whne the woman having acupuncture was described as being ‘clear’…there seemed to be an implied link with the acupuncture although that was probably unintentional (and ‘clear’ is not a word we can in any case use of breast cancer.)


Ta for that jane i actually thought the coverage had finished until the 24th when they will discuss secondaries. Will listen online to yesterdays prog. Haven’t looked at the message board but will do.
Complementary therapies, I use for relaxation i just can’t see how crystals and needles in various points of my body can help. Had enough of needles.
Love massages though bring them on.

Hi Ruth

I think they are also doing something on reconstruction (whether to or not) on Tuesday.