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Back in dec i started chemo to shrink my cancer. I have had 3 fec, 3 tax and 3 herceptin 1 more tax and herceptin next week. So that i could have a lumpectomy june/july time. well my cancer has NOT shrunk at all. I was talking to the Chemo drs that you see before chemo last time and he said yes i would now be able to have a masetomy. So that’s what i was going to do.
I see the surgeon yesterday telling him i want a masetomy and he says we can still do a lumpectomy… but it was too big in the begining. My surgery is booked for the 17th June. really don’t know what to do now. can any one HELP me please. Thank you Xx

Hi Shaz

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Shaz so sorry that things havent worked out as planned and you seem to be getting conflicting advice .all i can say is its usually down to the surgeon rather than oncologist what type of surgery is done .the only worry with lumpectomy is that they may have to go in again to do another op if they dont get wide enough margins around the lump thats what im waiting for after i finish chemo
Hopefully someone with more experience will be along soon to talk to you i hope you can get your questions answered xx caz

Hi Shaz - I had pretty much the same happen to me. At the start I was told the lump was big and I needed chemo to shrink it, else I’d need a mastectomy. The chemo only reduced the lump from 26mm to 24mm - but it did kill the cells. I had a WLE, no mention of a mestectomy at all.
I wondered whether the mention of a mastectomy was to make me decide to have chemo - when I said ‘so cut it all off then’ the surgeon was horrified, and said she’d not even consider it.
The WLE was pretty undramatic - I have a bit of a lopsided boob but not as bad as I’d expected.

Good luck!


Hi Shaz

I’ve just had my WLE & SNB on Friday. I was dx around mid April and was told after my biopsy and ultra sound that I had a 3cm Grade 3 IDC.

My breasts are a D cup and I was told that I would have a lumpectomy and then RADs with the possibility of chemo (more than likely I’ve since been told). There was no mention at all about having a mx. My ONC is also my Surgeon and as Peg says, it is fairly undramatic. My remaining breast tissue was shuffled around - It looks amazing.

Bascially, my left breast was a little large and hung slightly lower than my right. Now it is the same size and height as my right and the bonus is…There is no dent in it. I have been told by my BCN that RADs will actually shrink it a little so I’ve told her to let my onc know that I’ll be back for some reduction work on my right boob if that’s the case lol

After being on this forum for a wee while, I did ask my BCN about other ladies having chemo before the lumpectomy and she had said that different surgeons work different ways and they also take into consideration the amount of available breast tissue (I must have a lot of fatty tissues - time for a diet me thinks).

Good luck for the 17th and keep us updated.

Martha xx