WHAT GREAT NEWS JUST HEARD Hello everyone, just heard some good news on BBC news, about new trials on radiothereapy treatment. It appears that over 800 women are having trials for the single dose radiotherapy which is actually given whilst in the operating theartre, how fantastic is that if it works, no more having to drag yourselve or have others take you to hospital for 25 days or more for 5 minutes blast. How it will save the NHS thousands of pounds and also the tiring journeys that we have to make to the hospital everyday, I had to do it for 30 days day in day out…over and one hours journey each way for 5 mins on the rad bed.

Heres hoping this will not be too long in reaching an hospital near you.


I heard this tonight and it does seem really hopeful that it will benifit the next lot of us.Although l was lucky just to have chemo l have read of how much to and froing etc you have to do which is very tiring so lets hope this moves forward quickly!sharon x

Yeah fantastic news like you i only had chemo but i know lots of people my mum included who had rads and those trips to the oncology centre which lets face it are often miles away are tiring.

the guy on the news sounded very positive and made me feel positive too.


It seems there is a new development with regard to cancer every day. I read an interview with Professor Karol Sikora in a paper the other day where he was saying they are well on the way to it becoming more like a chronic illness now, a bit like diabetes. It all makes me feel very positive for the future as things are moving on all the time.

Continue Research Wow! I hadn’t heard about that. That would make life so much easier. I love all the new things that researchers are coming out with.
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