What happens at breast clinic, first consultation?

Hi all, I discovered a hard lump in my lower left breast a couple of weeks ago. I waited while I had my period to make sure it wasn’t to do with my cycle and it was still there some days after (and still is) so made an appt with gp. I attended gp on Thursday and after examination he has referred me urgently to see a specialist. He said it concerns him and tbh he didn’t say anything encouraging apart from “it is a little mobile so that could be a good sign”. I have my appt on Wednesday and am just anxious about what to expect.

I am 35 and my aunt had bc in her late 30’s and grandmother had it before she was 50, so I am a bit worried to say the least.

Hi Chele

Welcome to the forums, I’m sure you’ll find them a great source of information and advice.

While you’re waiting for others to respond with their experiences of referral appointments, I thought you might like to read our publication on the subject?

I’ve given the link below to our factsheet which can be either downloaded or ordered via the site.


I do hope you find this useful.

Best wishes.


Hi there
Sorry you are finding yourself here, but it’s good to know what may be in front of you.
Where you attend for the appt depends on how it will go. I can only say that I was at a ‘one stop shop’ where I saw the junior consultant first, she checked history and did an exam of breast. She then moved me on to have a scan, then I had a mamogram as by then they had seen something of concern. I waited a couple of hours and then had several biopsies done. These were relatively painless, using an ultrasound to pinpoint the ‘suspicious’ areas, and a short ‘nip’ to get a little sample for testing. The day started at 10am and by about 3.30 I had my diagnosis.
The odds are 1 in 8 of a positive diagnosis, so hopefully you will be in the clear, but I know the worry wont go away for you till you go through this stage.
Any other questions, pop back in and ask away, there are so so many ladies here who will get you through this and I know I couldnt have managed without them and the helpline(open weekdays see details at the top)
Best of luck
Cathie xx

Thanks for the quick responses!

I will have a read of the information thank you.

EB I’m in Rotherham and have no idea whether it’s a one stop but I really hope so as the waiting is making me ill, I haven’t stopped feeling sick since I went to the doctor, and the fact that I’m worried, worries me as I’m not usually a worrier at all. I just want to know what’s what then I can tackle it head on.

hi, sorry you have found a lump, its worrying time. Dont be put off my the GP’s attitued, they are not experts so if you are lucky they give an urgent referal to the clinic where they know everything there is to know about breast changes. But he is right in one aspect, being a bit moble is a good sign.

mine was not a one stop clinic. I saw a doctor, and then had a mamogram. The mamogram showed the lump and i was sent a few minutes later for an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that it was not a normal cyst but might have cancer in it. the took a core biopsy there and then. I have a huge needle problem so it was a bit traumatic for me, but not painful. He was also worried about one of my nodes so he took a needle biopsy of that.

I then went back to doctor who told me what sort of cancer it looked like on the scan and that I would have to come back a week later for the results of the biopsy, because it was not a one stop clinic. (in some hospitals each of hte stages above are done on different days and it can take quite some time going through it all.

I was in there for about 3 hours.

Have you thought about taking someone with you. Hopefully it is a cyst and they are going to drain it and send you home. But if they are at al worried they will take tests and explain what they think it is based on the scans. As soon as they say abnormal, or cancer it is easy to go into a spin and so it is a good idea to have an extra pair of ears. i took my iphone and was going to record the doctor but i was in such a tizz that i forgot to do it.

You have found a fantastic site. Dont google about lumps and proceedures, its mostly out of date, or is from america where they do things differently. Just ask any questions you have on here. Or if you start to worry or panic come back on for some re-assurance.

Hey. Sorry you’ve found yourself here, and hopefully you get good news! I’m 32 so was more than shocked when I was told last week that I have BC but I must admit everyone in the hospitals to date have been fantastic. I had my first appointment at the breast clinic 2 weeks ago and they were pretty thorough - I had a mammo, ultrasound and biopsy and then was back a week later for all the results. This will feel like the longest few weeks of your life, just try not to worry too much and hopefully it will all be ok :slight_smile:

Hi Chele
mine wasn’t one stop either but they all pretty much run the same proceedure & you should have some idea what it might be on the day.

You’ll have a mammo then see a consultant who will examine you & scan you depending on the size of the lump you’ll have a needle aspiration or biopsy ALL ok bit uncomfy but nothing to worry about. I was called back within 2 days of my biopsy BUT thats because I had a needle aspiration 3 weeks previous that came back with some abnormal cells … usually if its not a one stop clinic you’ll have an appointment to go back for results within the week. Make sure you have someone to go with you even good news needs 2 pairs of ears as its alot to take in

Hopefully you’ll be one of the 9 out of 10 lumps that are benign. We all know how worrying this is take one day at a time try not to think ahead (hard I know)

wishing you the very best
Mekala x

Thanks for all the info ladies. I will let you know how I get on on Wednesday

Much love, Michelle x

Good luck!!!

Chele, good luck with ur appt tomorrow, i went to a sort of one stop clinic where they did all the tests then i went back the next day for the results. Hopefully u won’t have to wait too long to get yours, wishing u all the best anyway, do let us know how u get on x

Carolinem, sorry u have to join us on here, hope ur doing ok, it is such a huge shock to be told u have BC but hopefully u’ll find some support on here x


Right there with you tomorrow-best of luck


Thanks for your support, gonna have a nice long soak then an early night. Will be on tomorrow with an update x

Hi Chele on the off chance that you log back on before your appointment tomorrow I just wanted to wish you good luck and keep strong.
I’m 39 years old ,had found a lump so my GP referred me as a 2 week rule patient at the breast clinic at my local hospital 2 weeks ago and it was a one stop clinic where tests are done and results given same day. I was anxious as my sister had been diagnosed in jan of this year with Breast Cancer.
I was examined by breast consultant and was sent to have a mammogram. Be prepared in this case for a long wait between tests.

I then waited for 2 hours to be then sent for an ultra sound scan and was the last patient to be given my results 5 hours later even though i was one of the first in a long line of patients to start the tests. Pleased to say I was lucky and thankful that it turned out to be nothing more than ‘glandular tissue’.You can do this however I think you’re best to take somebody with you. Again I wish you tonnes of luck. Lily xxx

Hi ladies,
Glad to say report that my lump was just a deep cyst, which explains the hardness apparently. Had a mammo and a ultrasound scan, and had it aspirated all within an hour.

Needless to say that apart from a bit of tenderness I am over the moon. Thank you all for your support these last few days.

Now I’m off to get probably the best nights sleep I’ve had for a few weeks.

Night ladies much love

Michelle xxx


Thank you for sharing your good news with us, we LOVE that kind of good news!!!

That’s fantastic news!

What a horrible worrying time waiting is huh? I got good news today too - so pleased for us both xxx

Enjoy your good night’s sleep - I know I will!

brilliant news!!!

Hi Chele, so pleased for you and I’m glad you can put this all behind you.
Lily lu xx


Im SOOOOO pleased for you !!!(even if you are nursing a battered boob :wink:

Sleep well tonight

Cathie xx

That’s brilliant news!! I’m so pleased for you x