what happens between treatments

I had a lumpectomy in Dec, and as yet haven’t started rads, planning session next week, what are the chances of a new cancer developing in the meantime, mine was hormone receptive positive…it’s had nearly 9 weeks to start a new one…or is my brain working overtime…

Forgot to say they did find a trace in my lymph nodes, which they are going to zp with rads…didn’t fancy more surgery to remove nodes when zapping does the same thing.

Hi Tally
I know where you’re coming from. I had 4 months between a segmental mx (like a lumpectomy) and full mx. I coontinuously asked my surgeon and my oncologist and they have said no… there is no need to worry. I didn’t have any lymph node involvement of any sort, and didn’t have rads.

Your BCN should be able to reassure you. And the rads will zap anything there, I would have thought. Seems a long time to wait though.

Sorry, don’t think I’ve been any help at all…!

Thanks for the reply river, I know it’s all in the mind and I know they wouldn’t leave things to fester if there was a chance of it just exploding, but knowing these things and accepting them is difficult and I’m really trying not to dwell on the thoughts, roll on rads and arimidex…xx

Our minds can work overtime with all this, as you say. And nobody can ever give you definitive answers. Timescales and treatments seem to vary around the country and we end up in states of confusion! It can be totally frustrating.

I started on Arimidex last week - seems ok so far. Good luck with the rads and hope you sail through them.

river xx