What happens if you miss a week chemo

I am just changing from a 2 week to a 3 week regime for chemo and after the next one chemo and herceptin. The oncologist has just phoned me with the new date and I worked out the dated for susequent ones in the diary. I fekt sick when I realised I would be due on July 31st - I leave Cyprus on 28th July for our son’s wedding on Aug 2nd in UK. We are back in Cyprus on Aug 5th so would be able to make it one week later exactly on 7th Aug. Please, please does anyone know if this is acceptable to miss a week I will be on round 7/8 by then chemo!

Hi Rosie

I know of several people who dleay their chemo for special events and also remeber when people have poor blood results they will often delay for a week…until blood acceptable…even longer if necessary

Hope this make you feel a bit better

Hugs Donna xxx

Hi Rosie, I had to postpone one week and got treatment the next.  Medics said that was fine.  In fact I am nearing the end of my treatment with Herceptin alone and I have come across many people who go on holiday etc.  For me missing the week last year was unavoidable like yours but I have never done this again as I want to fully saturate myself in Herceptin.  Kind regards