What happens next please?

What happens next please?

What happens next please? Hi,

Firstly a Happy & Positive New Year to you all although I suspect like me you are finding it hard to stay positive at times.

My Mum was told she had BC the week before Christmas, having had a Mammogram, Ultra sound and biopsy taken. An appointment was then scheduled for her to go back to hospital this coming Friday 5th Jan.

But what happens at this appointment? I presume she gets the results of the biopsy but does that tell you at what stage the BC is at and whether or not its spread? I also presume she will be given a date for surgery to have lump removed as this was discussed along with radiation therapy?

Ive seen people here talk about negative and positive wioth initials beside it, but dont know what that means so feeling rather confused. Can anyone help me out so I know what to expect at this next appointment later this week please?

Many thanks

its all confusing at first. hi gill your appointment will be about the results of the biopsy to confirm if it is cancer or not, and if it is cancer then they will discuss what type of operation to have to remove the lump. they will discuss about lumpectomy or masectomy, there wont be able to give you any results until the lump is removed and taken for tests this is when they can examine the lump to find out what stage,grade etc.when we talk about positive and negative we are on about estrogen,progesterone and her2 status all these are indications as to how the tumor grew for eg; if you were told you are er+ then your cancer was fuelled by the hormone estrogen and if it was er- then its negative. you will find it very confusing at first but if you type in breast cancer in to your search with google you will come across lots of different sites explaing all about bc. i hope ive answered some of your questions and feel free to ask again anytime. takecare xxx suzee

Hello Gill - this link [highlight, copy and drop into the address box] leads to a useful list of questions to ask.:


Best wishes for your next step.