what happens next

Wonder if anyone can give me advice. My Aunt was n diagnosed with two different types of breast cancer one in each breast and had secondaries in spine.3 weeks ago SHe has lost a lot of weight over last 18mths. She woke up in the night a fortnight ago with severe back pain my cousin phoned the on call dr he prescribed codeine phosphate and from then on she has rapidly deterioated constipated thrush no appetite after discussions with macmillan nurse we reduced then stopped pain killers she is in no pain and had improved slightly but is frail forgetful I have ben looking after her now for 2 weeks and as I live 3oo+ miles away it is difficult on my husband and 5 children
We are still waiting to see the oncologist (31st aug) The breast cancer nurse from hosp phoned last week and said tumours were hormone receptive what happens next I do need to go home soon

I would contact her GP, and perhaps Social services if she needs some help with personal care. The GP may send in a District Nurse or a Macmillan Nursre ( who you can contact direct yourself), to assess what can be done to help.

As with all large organisations the wheels can move very slowly, but if you set a date that you say you need to leave by it tends to focus their minds!!

Good Luck, hope you get some help/support.